Bourdeau Piscines

Bourdeau Piscines

140 allée Saint Exupéry
64510 Assat - France

+335 59 27 25 78

Our distributor Bourdeau Piscines will go to great lengths to help you choose your pool shell in Bordes, where his store is located. Benefit from the advice of a local swimming pool expert!

Your pool builder in Assat

Distributor Aboral Bourdeau Piscines

Whether you need an expert to build or maintain your swimming pool in Bordes, Sendets, Livrons or Lasseubetat, Bourdeau piscines is at your side.

Rely on the know-how and expertise of the professionals at Aboral Piscines Bourdeau piscines in Bordes, Pontacq, Gardères, Billère, Pau and Limendous.

For over 30 years, Aboral Piscines has been one of France’s most competent manufacturers of polyester shell pools. With its nationwide distribution network, the manufacturer can rely on the reliability of its dealers.

The expert in shell pool construction

That’s why the dealer Bourdeau Piscines is your single, privileged contact for support throughout your pool project. construction of shell pools in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, whether in Pau, from Bordes, de Rébénacq, Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre, or even around Saint-Laurent-Bretagne, Ponson-Dessus, or Bruges-Capbis-Mifaget.

In less than a week, your polyester shell swimming pool is born. Thanks to Aboral dealer Bourdeau piscines, building a swimming pool has never been so quick and easy.

Our advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have, and to guide you step by step. The Bourdeau piscines experts will take care of all the organizational details and take care of all the formalities on your behalf, making your custom-built pool project a reality in Pau, Bordes, Ogeu-les-Bains, Nousty, Bosdarros or Mazères-Lezons.

Our Aboral Piscines store in Bordes

Our polyester shell pool installation and manufacturing consultants in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region are ready and waiting to offer you our wide range of pool maintenance products. They’ll help you choose the pool model you’ve always dreamed of.

So don’t hesitate to contact us on 06 34 13 08 79, or visit our boutique at 24 rue de la Plaine, Bordes.