A shell pool Ready to dive

At Aboral, we’ve taken up the challenge of installing a ready-to-dive pool in just 4 days(2) at our customers’ premises.
The polyester pool shells we manufacture in Bordeaux allow us to offer you a wide range of shapes, sizes and options, and to install them very quickly in your garden.


Installing your Aboral pool Installation steps

Earthworks and excavation
of the surface

Delivery and installation
the pool


Wall backfill and
hydraulic networks

Creation of
concrete base

Laying the coping stones
and launch

and commissioning

Your pool ready to dive for this summer

The pool shell itself is manufactured by us, then shipped to your property with all the necessary equipment and technicians who will take care of the installation from A to Z.
When they leave 4 days later(2), the boat will have been launched, the final touches made, and all you’ll have to do is put on your swimsuit!

Your pool ready to swim for this summer

Whether you’d like to take a dip as soon as the sun starts to shine, or enjoy your vacation with your feet in the water, contact us today to discuss your project. We’re manufacturers, so we know our product down to the last detail and can help you choose the best pool shell for your garden and your desires!

Your pool Installation in 4 days

4 days. That’s how long Aboral takes to install and commission your ready-to-dive pool.
This is a relatively short lead time compared with other types of in-ground pools. And for good reason: with the installation of a ready-to-dive pool, you don’t need to do any waterproofing work, such as lining, plastering or tiling.
So many advantages that explain the popularity of shell pools with the general public.