Premium pools from 3.90 m to 10.80 m long,
flat-bottomed or on a compound slope with a submerged box for an automatic shutter.

20-year warranty(1)

Waterproofing - Structure - 10-year Gelcoat

Premium pools Eclyps

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Gamme ECLYPS Pools Pools with submerged shutters

Are you looking for a top-of-the-range pool that’s safe and easy to maintain?

Your Aboral shell pool manufacturer recommends its ECLYPS range, available in many shapes and sizes. Thanks to its submerged flap, which covers the surface of the water, your pool and all its bathers will benefit from significant advantages. These include
safety, cleanliness and keeping the water at the right temperature are the benefits most appreciated by owners of shell pools with submerged cover boxes.

Aboral has always been committed to offering its customers the peace of mind they deserve. That’s why all our polyester shell swimming pools are designed with state-of-the-art materials applied by a highly skilled workforce.