a visual check in 3 steps

Monitor general water level

One look is all it takes!

Level too low: below bottom 1/3 of skimmer, risk of air intake and pump damage.

Level too high: above the top 1/3 of the skimmer, there is no skimming of surface water, resulting in imperfect operation.

Make sure that the water level is quivering at the outlet of the discharge nozzles.

A sign that water circulation is working.

For all types of filtration, if the flow slows down, check the pump suction and the degree of filter clogging.

Controlling the nanometer

Evaporation can lead to a daily drop in water level of 1 cm, and exceptionally up to 2 cm during heatwaves.

The 9 steps weekly maintenance sessions

Each operation must be carried out at least once a week to ensure the smooth running of your pool and its equipment.

Tips for using cleaning products for swimming pools