Pools designed to meet everyone’s needs.
Premium pools ranging from 3.90 m to 9.90 m in length, with flat bottoms or compound slopes.

20-year warranty(1)

Waterproofing - Structure - 10-year Gelcoat

Premium pools Yelo

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Gamme YELO Pools Flat-bottom pools

Would you like to install a polyester shell pool in your outdoor space to provide you and your family with a safe swimming area? The flat-bottomed pool is for you!

By offering the same water height whatever your position in the pool, this type of bottom is particularly recommended for young children. As well as allowing young swimmers to enjoy the pleasures of the pool in complete safety, adults will be able to make full use of the pool’s surface area. As a result, the flat bottom is ideal for swimming, as well as for ball games such as water polo.

As a specialist in polyester shell pools, Aboral offers a complete range of flat-bottomed pools, called YELO.