Getting involved today For tomorrow Increasingly responsible production

Short-distance manufacturing

Since its creation in 2006, Aboral Piscines has had all its resins and gel coats manufactured in France.

Energy saving

Low heating consumption due to
100% waterproof material.

Economical maintenance

Thanks to their non-porous surface, Aboral pools do not require large volumes of chemicals for maintenance.

Water saving

Less evaporation thanks to the perfect watertightness of the surface of our pools compared to traditional constructions.

A coating designed to last

The inner lining of your ABORAL swimming pool is made of gelcoat, a high-performance paint that is on average 2 times more resistant to water than the traditional paint.
than a liner.

Acting now for tomorrow

Almost 3 years ago, Aboral Piscines set up a production site in Burgundy that is unique in France. Heated with wood shavings and entirely covered with photovoltaic panels, this site is the most virtuous polyester pool manufacturing site in France.

Aboral develops
a unique product range

Aware of the ecological impact of private pools, ABORAL Piscines has invested over the last three years in an ambitious research & development program to create, in partnership with its suppliers, an environment of committed, sustainable and connected products. The fruit of this development is an ambitious label: NIIO.

The aim of this label is to raise awareness among private pool buyers of the environmental and ecological issues involved in private pool equipment.

Our goal is to reduce :

90% water discharged by the plant
30 à 50% the pool's electricity consumption
20 à 30% consumption of chemicals for pond maintenance