Revolutionary patented pools from 7.50 m to 8.50 m long,
flat-bottomed with underwater shutter box.

10 year warranty

Gelcoat - waterproofing - Structure

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Gamme PEARL Pools Pools with underwater shutter box

Would you like to build a pool that combines safety, aesthetics and ease of use?

Aboral recommends its new range of shell pools, called Eclyps, with automatic submerged cover. Revolutionary and patented, this range of pools is Aboral Piscines’ latest shell pool creation.

Designed to adapt to the shape of your pool, right down to the cut-out in the stairs, the submerged roller shutter elegantly skims the surface of the water and automatically stows away in a hidden pit at the end of the pool. In addition to
the installation of a submerged grating in your garden will enable you to make real savings on water, heating and treatment products.

In keeping with our commitment to French, made-to-measure production, we offer a range of shutter colors. So you can match your pool to your tastes and outdoor spaces.