Revolutionary patented pools from 7.50 m to 8.50 m long,
flat-bottomed with underwater shutter box.

20-year warranty(1)

Waterproofing - Structure - 10-year Gelcoat

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Gamme PEARL Pools Pools with underwater shutter box

Dreaming of a pool ready to dive into in just 4 days? Turn to the Pearl range perfectly adapted to your needs. Also ensure maximum safety with the pool roller shutter box.

In keeping with our commitment to French manufacturing, the models in the Pearl range offer you the option of equipping your pool with an automatic
automatic underwater cover
This discreet automatic cover complies with the NF P 90-308 standard.

Designed to adapt to the configuration of your pool, the under-deck pool enclosure automatically slides into a discreet pit at the end of the pool. This feature gives your pool project an aesthetic dimension and optimum safety.

What is an immersed pool cover?

A underwater pool cover is an automatic covering device designed for installation below the water surface of a swimming pool. Unlike above-ground pool covers, which usually rest on the sides of the pool, the submerged shutters are designed to rest on the water when the pool is not in use.

To work properly, this submerged cover has two compartments:

– The winding system hidden under submerged gratings. These are made of wood, PVC or polycarbonate, and are positioned a few centimetres below the water line. Waterproof and easy to install, its motor takes up no space and requires no additional construction;

– A reinforced reinforced PVC membraneresin or tiles that covers the grating.

These shutters can be electrically operated to open or close, providing a convenient and secure cover for your polyester shell pool.

When the shutter is open, it disappears completely thanks to its motorized rolling system. The submerged deck offers a refreshing space to relax by the pool.

As well as providing an aesthetic solution, these shutters contribute to safety by preventing unauthorized access to the pool when it’s not in use.

What are the advantages of an immersed pool cover?

The shell pool with deck and submerged cover offers serious advantages:

– Ease of installation and use: The motorized winding system of the automatic underwater shutter is designed for uncomplicated installation. Compact and waterproof, its motor requires no additional construction, making it quick and easy to use.

– Safety compliant with NF P90-308 standard: Resistant to a weight of 100kg, this shutter prevents the risk of falling or drowning, thus ensuring the safety of young children.

– Temperature control: Thanks to the submerged shutter, you can forget about installing a heat pump. By acting as a pool coverThis system prevents evaporation of 3% of the pool’s volume in summer, and preserves heat in the event of a drop in temperature, thus reducing water and energy consumption.

– Maintenance savings: By covering your pool with an underwater coveryou protect the water from external pollutants (pollen, insects, leaves, etc.)significantly reduce maintenance costs linked to chemical products.

– A design with personality : Choose from a range of colors for the shutter (white, light gray, ivory, dark gray) and polyester shell (white, blue, ivory, papyrus, quartz). Customize your pool to suit your tastes and the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

How do you maintain your submerged pool roller shutter?

To ensure optimum durability of your pool with submerged gratingthere are a few simple steps you need to take every day:

  1. First, remove any residue from the PVC blades with a broom or vacuum cleaner;
  2. Treat stubborn stains with a sponge and use a detergent suitable for electric pool covers if necessary;
  3. Give the joints a thorough cleaning to remove any limescale that may have accumulated there. This will ensure that the shutter mechanism operates smoothly;
  4. Finish with a high-pressure rinse not exceeding 80 bar, followed by drying in the sun.

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