The Aboral signature Quality & control Made in France

Attention to detail, finish and choice of the best products are our priorities every day.

At ABORAL, all production is carried out in our own factory in France, where our know-how and quality are beyond reproach.
Our customers are at the heart of our daily concerns.

From our first meeting to the installation of your polyester shell swimming pool, you’ll have a dedicated contact person. Once the pool is installed, our support team will take care of any queries you may have.

10 years Warranty Gelcoat - structure - waterproofing - installation(1)

Aboral is one of the only brands to insure your pool for 10 years. This ten-year warranty applies to the gelcoat, structure, waterproofing and installation(1) of your shell pool.

Aboral is committed to your peace of mind.

Aboral Our commitment Details that make all the difference

At Aboral, your shell pool manufacturer, each pool is custom-built to your specifications. When you choose Aboral, you’re choosing top-of-the-range production using the finest materials.

In fact, we manufacture our pools using state-of-the-art materials applied by a highly skilled workforce.

Our pool manufacturing expertise