After years of dreaming of bathing moments with your family, your decision is made! At last, you’re ready to take the plunge building your shell pool. But given the scale of the project and the size of the budget, you need to be sure of the skills of the pool builder you choose. That’s right, build, equip or even maintain a shell pool is a matter for professionals. But with so many French pool specialists on the market today, making the right choice can be a real headache…

So how do you find the pool manufacturer that will sublimate your outdoor space while taking into account your needs and constraints?

Aboral lifts the veil with you to help you see more clearly!


1. Find out about your pool specialist’s expertise

Contrary to popular belief, building a swimming pool is not limited to simply laying the shell inside your garden. To ensure the success of your pool project, it’s essential to seek the advice of a qualified pool builder beforehand. Far from being superfluous, this advice is in fact the guarantee of a quality construction.
sustainable pool
to suit your needs and constraints.

Thanks to their know-how and expertise pool manufacturers are thus able to meet the most demanding requirements. Depending on the nature of your soil and the relief of your land, a qualified pool specialist will be able to provide you with the solutions you need to create your made-to-measure pool.

Are you hesitating between pool models ? Between several pieces of equipment (submerged shutter box, heating system, cover, etc.)? The team of experts Aboral is ready to work with you on a product that respects processes and controls, at every stage of the project.

Finally, you should know that choosing Aboralis also about choosing quality support from the very first stage of your project. Thanks to your single point of contact, there’s no need to wait hours for an answer!


2. Make sure your pool builder offers day-to-day support

Present from the outset of your pool constructionYour pool specialist is also at your side once the installation is complete. With hundreds of references available, the
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ensures a lasting relationship between you and your pool manufacturer.

Whether you’re looking for maintenance, comfort or outdoor design, you’ll easily find the right equipment for your pond. If you have any doubts or questions, our experts will be happy to help. Aboral will know how to best advise you according to your desires and needs!


3. Ask your pool builder about the ten-year warranty

In concrete terms, what does this ten-year warranty and what does it cover?

This insurance enables the owner of a swimming pool to receive compensation if damage affects its solidity, rendering it unfit for its intended use. Visit ten-year warranty applies to gelcoat, structure and waterproofing.

To guarantee your peace of mind, Aboral is one of the only brands to insure your pool for 10 years. Installing your shell pool is guaranteed by the distributor in charge of the signed project. The result? You can enjoy a
dive-ready pool in 4 days
and feel confident for the next ten years!


As you can see, a swimming pool is not a trivial construction project. pool manufacturer able to support you throughout the project. From installation and delivery to advice and maintenance, your pool specialist Aboral can help you make your project a reality. Find out more about Aboral expertise and its guarantees? We invite you to contact
our experts
They’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

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