Acti Project

Acti Project

204 avenue du 8 mai 1945
86000 Poitiers - France

+335 49 52 28 79

Tuesday to Saturday
9am-12pm, 2pm-7pm

Find your Aboral distributor and our pool enclosures in Poitiers and the surrounding area. You’ll benefit from a local contact who’ll follow your project from start to finish, a competent contact who’ll answer all your questions about building your pool in Poitiers.

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Your pool builder in Poitiers

Aboral dealer ACTI PROJET

Find your ACTI PROJET distributor and our pool enclosures in Fontaine-le-Comte, Vivonne, or Biard, and enjoy all the quality of Aboral Piscines products near you.

Present throughout the Vienne department, ACTI PROJET is at your side to offer you a tailor-made service in Mignaloux-Beauvoir. We can install your polyester shell pool in less than 4 days. Thanks to Aboral Piscines’ specific expertise and quality of workmanship, our distributor ACTI PROJET is able to deliver a prestigious pool in the shortest possible time.

Find your shell pool specialist in Poitiers

Need to contact an Aboral Piscines distributor in the Vienne department? Our team of qualified advisors awaits you in Iteuil, to answer all your questions concerning the construction of your swimming pool in Ligugé, Chasseneuil du Poitou, or Montamisé.

Located at 5 rue de la Croix d’Aigne in Iteuil, our distributor Aboral Piscines ACTI PROJET offers you all the pond models and equipment from France’s number one brand in the field of manufacture of polyester shell poolsThis enables you to find the product that best matches your expectations, needs and budget.

Our advisors are on hand to help you make the right choice. Once you’ve selected the pool of your dreams, our agents will support you throughout your pool construction project in the Vienne department, whether in Vouillé, Lusignan or Marnay.

In this way, you benefit from the expertise and know-how of a single local contact, ready to answer all your questions. So if you’re planning to build a swimming pool on your plot in Coulombiers, Vernon or Mignaloux-Beauvoir, don’t hesitate to contact ACTI PROJET on 05 49 52 28 79.