To ensure clean, healthy water, you need a high-performance pool filtration system, such as a sand filter. In conjunction with the sand pump, it helps maintain good water quality. But how do you choose the right pool pump? We’ll see about that!

What is the purpose of a pool filtration pump?

Mainly used to circulate water through the pool’s tubular network, the pool filtration pump draws water from the pool through the skimmers and bottom drain. It then circulates it through the filtration system before being discharged into the pool through the discharge nozzles.

This cycle purifies the water, and in the case of sand filters and sand pumps, naturally removes impurities from the pool through an efficient pool filtration system.

Choosing a pool pump

When choosing a pool pump, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • filtration rate: to ensure that all the water in the pond is properly cleaned, it needs to be filtered in less than six hours, ideally four. To find out whether the filtration is suitable, the following calculation must be made: filtration flow rate = pool water volume (m3)/4 (hours) ;
  • Filter type: whether sand filter with sand pump, cartridge filter or other, it must be compatible with the pump flow rate. You should opt for a self-priming pool pump with a pre-filter if it is located above the water level;
  • electricity consumption: it’s best to opt for a low-energy pool filtration pump to keep your electricity bills low;
  • noise level: it’s advisable to check the decibel level if the equipment room is close to the pool or to beaches and terraces.


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