A pool pool construction is not a decision to be taken lightly. Indeed, it’s an investment that can quickly become substantial – especially if you want to create your made-to-measure pool. Location, shape, size, materials… Thanks to Aboral, your specialist pool manufacturer, it is now possible to customize these elements and make your pool a unique aquatic space !

Discover now the steps to follow to customize the pool of your dreams.

Steps to building a custom pool

In addition to being able to adapt your pool to suit your tastes, calling on a pool professional allows you to build a pool adapted to your outdoor environment. Whether your plot is small, hilly or unsuitable for a swimming pool, it’s possible to build a swimming pool after a study of your specific constraints.

Once the study is complete, here are the different choices you’ll be able to customize:

– Pool type: Today, there are several models of shell pools in a variety of shapes: Whether square, rectangular or bean-shaped, it’s up to you to choose the pool of your dreams!

– Pool size: depending on your needs, you can also discuss the following with your pool specialist size the most appropriate. Family pool or mini pool? The choice is yours!

– Poolside landscaping: to embellish the surroundings of your aquatic space, several models of pool coping are available on the market. Whether it’s a question of natural or reconstituted stone copingsYou’re sure to find the material best suited to the architectural style of your home and garden.

– Accessories and options: for a personalized pool, don’t hesitate to play around with accessories and options. In fact, it’s now possible to transform your aquatic space into a veritable a place to relax and unwind. What about integrating a spa, balneotherapy jets or beautiful lights inside your pool? It’s up to you to give your pool the ambience you want.

Simulate your shell pool with Aboral’s online configurator

Did you know that on the Aboral website you can configure in just a few clicks your personalized pool ? Thanks to its simple, intuitive configurator, you can choose from 28 polyester hull models, 5 color choices and all the amenities of an Aboral pool. Once the configuration is complete, enter your contact details and receive your order in less than 48 hours. a personalized quote for your custom-built shell pool.

Simulate your future pool now!

As you can see, today it’s possible to customize multiple parameters when building your pool. Depending on your needs (maintenance, safety, practicality, comfort, etc.), you’ll be able to have a unique pool in your own home that matches your tastes and expectations!

For more advice on your future personalized swimming pool, please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists. They’ll be happy to meet your expectations!

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