Enjoying your own private pool is no longer a dream! There’s a wide range of pools to suit everyone’s needs: small budgets and small gardens are no longer an obstacle.

Cheap swimming pools

Can’t wait to enjoy your own private pool in your own backyard, but you’re on a tight budget? Shell pools make your dream come true at a very attractive price.
Sturdy and perfectly watertight, their shapes and colors will add even more cachet to your property’s exterior!
Enjoy the premium quality of Aboral pools at a low price. The excellent quality/price ratio is explained by the fact that Aboral has been a French manufacturer and distributor of swimming pools for 30 years.
Discover durable, economical shell pools!

Flat-bottom and sloped-bottom shell pools

Polyester shell pools can have a flat or sloping bottom.
The flat-bottomed pool has the same depth over the entire surface. In contrast, a pool with a sloping floor has a variable, progressive depth.
Available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes, shell pools will blend in perfectly with your outdoor environment, adding character to your home. From the Bora flat-bottom pool, with its soft, sinuous shapes, to the Honolulu model, with its sloping bottom and more original shape, choose your Aboral polyester shell pool according to your desires and needs!

Shell pools with submerged shutter box

Another model to consider is the shell pool with submerged shutter box, particularly useful for protecting your pool and water, as well as preventing children from gaining unsupervised access to the pool. The cover prevents the risk of drowning and keeps your pool water cleaner and at an ideal temperature.
Discover the models and colors available on the Aboral website.

Shell pools with underwater shutter box

Aboral offers you the Eclyps range of hull pools, an innovation from Aboral Piscines, with an automatic submerged cover. Practical and aesthetic, the shutter integrated into the deck optimizes space.

A small pool for a small garden

Mini-pools make small gardens happy! Indeed, even if you have a small garden, there’s no reason to deprive yourself. Mini-shell pools have been designed to fit perfectly into small spaces. They have the particular advantage of saving space and money in the medium and long term, as well as reducing formalities, particularly in terms of taxation.

Mini swimming pool

Available in a range of colors and models, with or without a submerged cover, Aboral mini-pools finally let you have a private pool even in a small outdoor space.
Mini-pool models with submerged cover range in size from 13 m3 (Fetuna model) to 17 m3 (Maea model). Mini-pool models without submerged cover range in size from 11 m3 (Fiji model) to 15 m3 (Papeete model). With Aboral mini-pools, you can create a real outdoor relaxation area at a very attractive price!
Choosing an Aboral mini-pool means choosing 30 years of expertise in the manufacture and distribution of polyester shell pools in France.
Your mini-pool is delivered with the Aboral kit: you’ll receive the complete maintenance kit including the bottom drain, the floating hose, the broom connector and a telescopic handle, along with all the other tools you’ll need for your pool.
The plus that makes all the difference: installation is fast: just 4 days to enjoy your new pool!
Choose the mini-pool model that appeals to you: the Aboral sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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