When we talk about submerged pool coverthe first thing you need to think about is
of your pond. In fact, one of the advantages of this device is that it reduces the deposit of external elements in your pool. The result? You spend less time picking up dirt and cleaning the sides of your pond.

But the time you save on maintaining your polyester shell pool is not the only advantage! Without further ado, discover the advantages and benefits of this surprising device.


What is an immersed pool cover?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it’s important to understand what a immersed shutter box.

Considered the Rolls-Royce of automatic covers, the immersed pool roller shutter is a high-end device, often made from PVC or polycarbonate slats. Floating on the surface of the water, the roller shutter covers your entire swimming pool, providing protection, cleanliness and temperature control.

Discreet and aesthetically pleasing, the submerged pool curtain is, however, a custom-designed system. It’s up to you to make sure that the dimension and shape of your pool (round pool, square pool, oval pool, rectangular pool, free-form pool) allow the installation of a submerged shutter box!

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Why choose an immersed cover for your pool?

Clean, healthy pool water

As you can see, the main advantage of a pool roller shutter is that it prevents all kinds of waste from settling on the surface or bottom of the water. So when you’re not using your pool, you can be sure of protecting it and keeping the water clean and healthy.

But that’s not all… By installing a immersed shutter boxyou’ll limit the evaporation of water – especially in hot weather – and save real money on your water bills at the end of the summer season!

Enhanced bathing comfort

By covering your pool all night long, the underwater cover allows you to gain a few extra degrees, thus extending the bathing season by several weeks. By being covered, the water is protected from the wind and sudden drops in temperature. In some regions of France, you can even heat up the water in your pond!

Last but not least, the use of this device makes it easier to put your shell pool. Thanks to the automatic operation of the system, which is made possible by the presence of a motor (only for electric models), the winding and unwinding of your curtain is made easy. roller shutter becomes smoother, faster and effortless.

Guaranteed safety when swimming

In France, all owners of in-ground pool have been required since 2004 to secure their pool by installing a safety system that complies with safety standards. These regulations have been put in place to avoid the risk of drowning or accidents in the vicinity of the pool. Even in the presence of adults, accidents can happen!

By choosing a pool with submerged coverThis means you can protect your loved ones from the risk of falling or drowning. In compliance with standard NF P90-308this device is capable of withstanding a weight of 100 kg!

A decorative element for your outdoor space

By installing a roller shutterWith our pool cover system, you get all the benefits of a pool cover, with the added aesthetic appeal! With its slender shape and clean lines, this device is sure to blend in perfectly with your outdoor space.

In addition to its resolutely contemporary styling, this device is appreciated for its great discretion. Thanks to its automatic winding system and strategic position (hidden in the ground), your submerged pool roller shutter will be invisible to the naked eye when rolled up. This will give you more space for outfitting your pool area with deckchairs and other accessories.


Answers to your questions about submerged shutter pools

Is this device suitable for all pool shapes?

Unfortunately, no! In order to comply with NF standards, pools with an excessively complex shape (freeform, bean, etc.) cannot be fitted with a underwater flap.

However, the installation of a immersed shutter box does not affect the bottom of your pool. Whether you prefer to opt for a flat-bottomed pool or with a sloping bottom, you can choose this type of device!

How do you maintain an immersed shutter?

Nothing could be easier than maintaining an immersed pool cover! In fact, thanks to the material of which it is made, it can be cleaned in the blink of an eye. To do this, all you need is a high-pressure cleaner, taking care not to exceed 80 bar.

When it comes to maintenance of your roller shutter1 to 2 cleanings a year will suffice to restore your roller shutter to its former glory!

How much does a submerged shutter cost?

The price of a roller shutter depends on various factors, such as the size of your pool and its complexity. To get a precise idea, don’t hesitate to request a quote from your Aboral pool specialist!

All in all, the immersed pool cover box meets all your needs, while offering unprecedented ease of use:

  • Simplified maintenance
  • Water savings
  • Optimum safety

All in harmony with your outdoor décor! Note that the The lifespan of an immersed pool cover is estimated at over 10 years, so you can equip your pool with peace of mind.

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