How important is the right water level for your pool?

To enjoy the pleasures of swimming with family and friends, it is essential to keep a close watch on
the water level in your pool. In fact, an ideal water level in a swimming pool ensures the proper
filtration system and motor operation. It is therefore necessary to find the water level
for your pond.
Find out in this article how to determine the optimum water level for your pool.
in perfect condition as summer arrives.

How your pool’s filtration system works

To determine the right water level for your pool, it’s important to understand
how your pond’s filtration system works. The skimmer, whose role is to suck up
the water so that it can be filtered by the motor and discharged through the discharge nozzles.
an essential visual landmark. Your pool’s water line should be about halfway down the pool.
skimmer opening, i.e. between 2/3 and 3/4 of the skimmer opening.

The risks of low pool water levels

A pool water level that is too low can seriously damage your system.
filtration. In fact, if there isn’t enough water in the basin, this can cause the
your pump, causing the motor to overheat.

pool water level risk water level too high

The risks of high pool water levels

On the other hand, higher-than-normal pool water levels make the suction system less effective.
the skimmer from waste and other debris on the water surface. What’s more, if you have
of a roller shutter, it is possible that too much water may prevent the shutter from operating properly.
of the cover, especially if it is electric.
Finally, remember to check your pool’s water level regularly, especially during the summer months.
or when your loved ones are using it intensively, as evaporation and the resulting
overflows, as well as overflow caused by repeated dives, can lower your water level.
If you want to keep your pool clean, remember to fill it regularly with water from your garden hose.

Automate your pool’s water level regulation

Keeping an eye on your pool’s water level can sometimes be a real hassle, which is why you’ll find a range of devices to automate water level regulation. You can find these pool accessories for an average budget of 100€, discover them on Aboral Shop.


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