Are you planning to build your own pool in your garden? Have you already decided on the shape of your future pool and the color of its lining?

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the coping models you wish to install to embellish your new aquatic space. Whether it’s a question of
reconstituted stone coping
natural stone
Each has its own specific features that you’ll need to take into account to meet your comfort and safety requirements.



Pool copings, a must for your pool design

Square or rectangular in shape
pool coping
are essential for the outdoor design of your pond. In fact, firstly, they help to ensure your safety thanks to its anti-slip properties. This is a considerable advantage when it comes to avoiding falls and accidents around the pool.

The pool coping also ensure cleanliness by preventing pollution and impurities such as leaves, dust and pollen from being deposited in the pool.

Finally, depending on the materials you choose, you can personalize your aquatic space to match the architectural style of your home.

Regular maintenance, pool copings will retain their brilliance for many years to come. To achieve this, it is important to waterproof your pool tiles as soon as installation is complete and daily maintenance with water and neutral soap. Above all, avoid using products that are too abrasive, which will alter the quality and aesthetics of your pool copings.

Choosing the right material for your pool coping

To embellish the surroundings of your aquatic space according to your tastes, different models of pool coping are available on the market. Natural stone coping or reconstituted stoneEach has its own distinct advantages.

Let’s discover them without further ado!

Natural stone coping

Made from natural materials natural stone coping are a must if you’re looking to add a touch of modern touch around your pool. Timeless, this stone is particularly appreciated for its aestheticism and its resistance. In fact, your coping stones can be given any look you like. Color, shape, size… The installation of natural stone slabs will perfectly match the style of your home!

Coping in reconstituted stone

Composed of agglomerated stone aggregates, reconstituted reconstituted stone is the perfect alternative if you don’t have the budget to install natural stone coping. The main advantage of this type of stone is that it can take the look you want wood, slate or patina. Opportunities abound!

What’s more, coping stones made of reconstituted stone are highly resistance. Properly cared for, they’ll keep their shine for years to come, even in inclement weather.

As you can see, choosing pool coping is not random. It’s important to think about style you wish to give to your aquatic area.

Contemporary, modern or chic? At Aboral, we offer dozens of references of pool coping to meet your every need.

For personalized personalized advicedon’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists. They’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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