A symbol of sunny days and vacations, a swimming pool can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people install extravagant and extraordinary basins. We take you on a tour of the world’s largest swimming pool, with its incredible dimensions.

Where is it located?

The world’s largest pool is located in the South American resort of Algarrobo, Chile, in a hotel called the San Alfonso del Mar. Inaugurated in 2006, it is considered by Guinness World Records to be the largest swimming pool in the world today.

XXL dimensions

Separated a hundred meters from the Pacific Ocean by a beach, this XXL pool covers a total area of 7.7 hectares. It is over 1 kilometer long, with a maximum depth of 3.5 meters. It takes around 250 million liters of water to fill it, the equivalent of 80 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Pool maintenance

The world’s largest swimming pool costs over 2 million euros a year to maintain. Water changes and maintenance are carried out by a computerized, ultra-sophisticated system that pumps water directly from the ocean, filters and treats it. It’s a very clean pool with crystal-clear water.

You too can build your own pool!

Unfortunately, the world’s largest swimming pool is only accessible to San Alfonso del Mar residents, whether owners or renters. But don’t worry, you don’t have to swim there to be happy!
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