The return of the sun, longer days, aperitifs with friends… All this good news has made you want to embark on a project to pool constructionand you’re right!

But choosing your pool specialist is no easy task; there are a plethora of pool professionals on the market offering pool construction and the distribution of pool-related products.

So how do you sort through all this information? How do you select THE local pool builder who will enhance your garden by installing the pool of your dreams?



The advantages of working with a French pool builder


Aboral knows that building a swimming pool is a major investment for you and your family. That’s why choosing a French pool specialistWe’ll give you peace of mind throughout the management of your pool project. We’ll tell you why:


Expertise for quality

Advice from a pool builder are far from being an unnecessary expense. Tailored to your personal project, they are the guarantee of a quality construction.
sustainable pool
that takes into account all your requirements. Specializing in pool design, French pool manufacturers are able to meet the needs of a demanding clientele. Do you have any special requirements for your land? Equipment selected?

Each professional is available to listen to your needs and work on a product that respects processes and controls, at every stage of the project.

In the event of an incident, you’ll benefit from a single point of contact. single point of contactcapable of resolving your problems without going through an intermediary.


Day-to-day support

Aboral Shop
Aboral Shop
ensures a long-term relationship with your pool builder. With over a hundred references available, you’re sure to have a maintenance of your pond all year round. But that’s not all! If you feel like increasing the comfort of your swimming area, pool professionals will be able to recommend the right equipment most appropriate for your environment. Whether it’s a waterfall, garden furniture or floating furniture, you’ll find plenty to complete your water feature to your heart’s content.


Enhancing the value of your property

Did you know that building a swimming pool in your garden can help you increase the value of your property up to 10%? In fact, in addition to improving the aesthetics of your garden and your day-to-day comfort, owning a large or compact
is a great addition to your property.

Depending on the region you live in, working alongside a French pool manufacturer with recognized expertise will enhance the value of your property and make it easier to attract potential buyers or tenants.


Your construction project with French pool manufacturer Aboral

As you can see, building a Made in France swimming pool requires the services of a qualified local pool builderable to help you at every stage of the project.

From design to delivery, maintenance and advice, Aboral is there to help you make your project a reality.

Would you like to build your first swimming pool? Contact us, our team of experts will be happy to help you, whatever your needs!

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