Very popular because of its ease of installation, the pool covers are often made from fiberglass and polyester resin, two particularly resistant and durable materials. However, it sometimes happens that after several years of use, your shell pool deteriorates, revealing one or more microcracks in the gelcoat.

Whether your crack is star-shaped or as fine as a hair, these cracks are not as harmless as they look…

Fortunately, there are solutions for repairing your polyester pool shell. And it’s not always necessary to call in a professional! With a little patience (and elbow grease) it is possible to repair a cracked shell pool! We explain everything.

Why is my pool shell cracked?

The appearance of a crack on your polyester resin hull can be explained in several ways. Before you start repairing the pool shellto identify the source of the small cracks:

  • A ground movement : One reason for cracks in your siding is ground movement. These are often the result of building on an unstable site;
  • An impact caused by an object falling against the hull the micro star cracks are usually the result of accidental falling objects;
  • A premature hull wear: poor-quality coatings can crack more easily in contact with water, treatment products and weather conditions (winter frost, UV rays, etc.).

Please note, however, that if the slots do not penetrate the lining inner liningi.e. the gelcoatthere’s nothing to fear. In fact, it’s quite normal for surface cracks to appear in gelcoat after 15 to 20 years of use.


How do I repair a crack in my pool shell?

Depending on the extent of the damage, you can repair your pond yourself… provided you’re a handyman! If this is not the case, it’s a good idea to turn to the expertise of a professional.


1. Do-it-yourself pool shell repairs

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do it yourself pool shell repair !

If the crack is not very large, you can carry out an underwater underwater pool shell repair. To do this, obtain a waterproof glue suitable for underwater work.

However, if the damage is more extensive, the pool can be drain the pool will be necessary. Here are the steps to follow to successfully renovate your siding:

  • After draining your pool drainedThe first step is to sand the area of the pool in need of repair. Using P60 grit sandpaper, rub the area, overlapping it by about 5 cm to ensure it is perfectly smooth and clean.
  • Next, cut your glass mat to a size 5 cm larger than the crack. Coat the surface to be renovated with a mixture of resin and catalyst, then apply the first coat of matt. Approximately 1 liter of resin for 1m2 of glass mat.
  • Remove any air bubbles on the glass mat with a blasting roller, then add a second coat of resin.
  • Apply another coat of matte before repeating the operation with the trimmer.
  • Leave to harden for half a day (minimum 4 hours), then sand the area again to smooth out the repaired surface.
  • To mask the operation, use a waterproof waterproof finishing resin to repaint the repaired surface.


2. Repairing your pool’s shell with a pool specialist

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, it’s best to call in a professional. Thanks to his expertise and know-how, he will be better able to renovate the polyester shell for your pool. And to prevent new cracks from appearing, he can also examine your siding and identify the cause(s).

Once the inspection has been carried out, your pool fitter can proceed with the repairs. To do this, a draining the pool must be carried out. Before doing so, the expert will have to remove the decompression well cover to check whether water is present at the bottom of the well.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, the draining process can be completed quickly by your pool specialist. The professional can then begin renovating your pool taking care to observe the necessary safety rules to protect yourself from any harmful dust caused by the repairing the gelcoat.

As you can see, technical expertise, equipment and safety are all vital to achieving long-lasting, aesthetic results. Don’t hesitate to contact Aboral teams to repair your pond and enjoy a refurbished hull!

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