As autumn draws to a close, it’s time to prepare your pool for the winter season, by choosing the most suitable winterizing method. But the pool area also deserves your full attention. What steps can you take to ensure that your pool area is in perfect condition come spring? Here are our tips for effective maintenance, so you can enjoy your pool area even in winter.

Maintaining your pond is all well and good, but what about the surrounding area?

Your pool is an eye-catcher, but your terrace is also part of the harmonious whole you’ve built. The plants in your garden also contribute to the relaxing atmosphere you want to create in your outdoor space.

The terrace, a central element of your exterior

Your terrace, which you’ve designed to be a cosy, welcoming space for summer evenings spent in pleasant company, needs to be looked after in winter.
Your terrace must therefore be protected from damp and frost, whether it’s made of wood, earth or stone. We recommend using a water-repellent treatment and a tarpaulin to cover your terrace. Of course, you’ll need to do some deep cleaning before summer arrives.

How to protect your plants from winter

You’ve chosen your plants with care and want them to be back in top form in spring, so that they can continue to enhance your outdoors. How can you protect them from the cold and harsh winter weather?
Start by placing your plants under cover. You’ll need to do very little maintenance on your plants over winter, as some of them require very little watering. The most fragile plants, especially exotic ones, should be covered with a frost-protection cover. From time to time, you can remove the covers to let them breathe and benefit from the sun’s rays, whenever possible.
Plants in terracotta pots should be covered with bubble wrap, as the pots may break in the cold.

How to enjoy your outdoors even in winter

It’s possible to enjoy your outdoor space even in the coldest season of the year!
It’s true that with the bad weather, it’s best to put away all your summer equipment: children’s sandboxes, parasols and planchas, for example, need to be carefully stored so that they’re in perfect condition for next summer.
However, sunbathers, nostalgic for sunny days, can be brought out to enjoy the winter sunshine. Garden furniture, like folding tables and chairs, must be protected to prevent damage to the materials used.
You can equip your outdoor space with an outdoor heater or even a heated parasol. And don’t forget to decorate with outdoor lighting, such as garlands, to warm up the atmosphere!

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