It’s a common misconception that pool heating is a privilege reserved for too few people. And yet, although budgets vary according to the criteria of your pond, the investment can be extremely profitable. Heating your pool offers you the considerable advantage of being able to extend the swimming season. And between you and me, who could say no to a few extra months of poolside fun with family and friends? Not many people, and certainly not us!

All that remains now is to choose the most appropriate heating solution for a long-lasting, economical pool. In fact, there is a plethora of devices on the market. Whether it’s a heat pump, heat exchanger or solar heating system, there are several criteria to consider before investing in a heating system.

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Heating your shell pool: what you need to know before investing


There are several criteria to take into account before buying a heating device. In fact, each pool has its own specific features, which are best taken into account to avoid any inconvenience. Choose your solution based on :

– the surface area of your pool: the larger your pool, the greater the volume of water to be heated.

– pool location: your needs will vary depending on where your pool is located. In fact, there are temperature differences between regions that it’s important to take into account when choosing your heating system.

– accessories installed on your pool: if you already have a cover (bubble cover, winter cover, bar cover), automatic shutters or a shelter, this will also influence the device to be installed.

– your budget: although this is an essential criterion, you should be aware that a system that’s expensive to buy can later become extremely cost-effective – even more so than a heating system that consumes a lot of energy over the long term.


The different heating systems for your shell pool

  • The heat pump

Heat pumps are the most widely used heating system among pool owners. This is because it is one of the most cost-effective, economical and environmentally-friendly solutions. In fact, a heat pump is capable of releasing 2 to 5 times more energy than it consumes.

In what way? A compressor captures heat from the air, heats it and then releases it directly into the pool water via thermodynamic exchange.

At Aboral, we put at your disposal 2 categories of heat pumpsselected especially for you, from a wide choice of brands renowned for their quality: traditional heat pumps and Inverter heat pumpswhich have developed a technology that smoothes out heat pump consumption, resulting in substantial savings in energy consumption.

  • The heat exchanger

This is the fastest way to heat your pool, since it uses your home’s heat pump or boiler directly. Easy to install, we recommend that you install this device when you’re building your home.

Although innovative, the heat exchanger can be more or less environmentally friendly, depending on the heating system you choose for your home (electric, oil, gas or heat pump).


  • Solar heating

By installing south-facing solar panels, solar heating uses the sun’s energy to heat your pool. This type of device, which is both ecological and efficient, increases the temperature of your pool by 5° to 10°C. It all depends on how much sun there is! As you can see, this system is preferable in Mediterranean regions.


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