When building a swimming pool, the choice of structure is an essential step. Among the various structures, the shell pool is the most popular alternative to the concrete pool. Wondering why in-ground pools are all the rage? Aboral explains the main differences between a shell pool and a traditional pool.

What are the key factors that make a shell pool a wise choice?

Increasingly popular with French families, the shell pool offers many advantages over the masonry pool. These include installation time, price and watertightness. Find out what Aboral, your pool manufacturer, has to say!

Installation time

Shell pools are delivered as a single unit, ready for installation. They therefore require less work and installation time than concrete pools. These take several weeks, even months, to install, compared with just a few days for a shell pool.

The price

A polyester shell pool is really less expensive than a built pool. And for good reason: the polyester used to make it is inexpensive. A masonry pool costs between €20,000 and €30,000, while a shell pool can be found for less than €10 ,000 on a small budget.


The shell pool is completely watertight, which is not always the case with a masonry pool. The first is delivered already watertight, and the gel coat on the shell is sufficient to guarantee a watertight pool.

What other advantages does a shell pool have?

In addition to watertightness, price and installation time, there are many other advantages to choosing a shell pool over a concrete pool. These include customization options, service and maintenance.

Customization options

The polyester shell pool offers more customization possibilities than the constructed pool. It comes in different sizes, shapes and colors. All kinds of equipment and accessories can also be added.

Care and maintenance

Shell pools are very easy to clean, as they are non-abrasive. Thanks to its smooth surface, it clogs less quickly and retains fewer impurities. Maintenance of an in-ground pool is therefore less time-consuming and less expensive than that of a masonry pool .

Would you like to find out more about swimming pools and shell pools? This article about its lifespan.

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