Polyester shell pools are becoming increasingly popular, not least because of their attractive price. But what about its lifespan? Indeed, when considering an investment such as theinstallation of a swimming pool, it’s important to consider its longevity.

Waterproofing and resistance to the test of time

Polyester pools are renowned for being more watertight and robust than concrete models. This is due to the materials used to build the polyester shell pool, which are also used for bullet-proof vests and boat and aircraft linings.

French manufacturing quality

The hulls are coated with a gel-coat finish to ensure the watertightness of the pool, a composite material that is particularly well-prepared to withstand the wear and tear of time. As well as being easy to maintain, it’s also extremely hard-wearing. Unlike the liner that covers concrete structures, the liner of a polyester shell pool is unlikely to be punctured as the pool is used.

Piscine coque polyester, the choice of longevity!

A long service life

Contrary to popular belief, a polyester pool has an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years, and requires very little maintenance. So, as well as being resistant, the fact that it’s a monocoque pool is also an advantage, as it makes for very good hermeticity. The construction of a polyester shell pool can therefore be very good value for money compared with a concrete pool.

Maintenance of a shell pool

The sturdiest polyester shell pool references can last up to twenty years , before needing renovation. But to achieve this record, you’ll need to put particular emphasis on the quality of pond maintenance, notably by choosing the right maintenance products and paying attention to water treatment.

When renovation work is required after a certain number of years, simply apply a new gel coat to extend the life of your pool. And why not take the opportunity to change the color of your shell pool? Discover the ranges of your pool manufacturer Aboral.

lifespan of shell pool advantages and disadvantages of shell and concrete pools comparatif piscine coque piscine maconnée

Shell or concrete pool: Our comparison

A concrete pool may seem very solid at first glance, but isn’t it? But how would you react if I told you that a shell pool had a longer lifespan?

Gel coat vs liner

The resin shell of a swimming pool is covered with gel coat to guarantee its hermeticity, and is a very strong composite material capable of lasting an average of 15 years. The concrete pool is covered by a liner that tends to puncture easily and must be renewed every 7 years! The polyester shell pool therefore lasts 2 times longer than a concrete pool, and has a definite price advantage!

renovating a shell pool: the guarantee of a long service life

  • Has the color of your pool faded? No problem, just have a new gel coat applied!
  • A crack? Call in a professional and he’ll solve the problem in no time.
  • Has your pool lost its hermeticity? Special resins have been developed to bring your pool back to life

In short, choosing a shell pool means choosing a pool that lasts!

Now that you’re convinced of the longevity of a polyester shell pool, why not take a look? Discover the steps involved in installing a pool shell in our latest article by click here! Would you like more maintenance tips? Discover aboral tips here


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