Your pool water stays green despite your best efforts to catch up? Are you planning to renovate the shell of your pool in the near future? Or is your pool scaled? In these three cases only, emptying your shell pool must be carried out in compliance with current regulations. In fact, contrary to popular belief, emptying your pool every year is not necessary to keep your pool clean – provided that
all year round!

Not without risk for your pool, carry out a draining of your shell pool can be tricky. So before you throw yourself headlong into the task, read on for our tips on how to empty your pool in complete safety. safety.

And if in doubt, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to carry out the operation.

Wait until the right time to empty your shell pool

Emptying your entire pool is not an insignificant act for the structure of your pool. Performed in the off-season, the latter can become out of place, under the pressure waterlogged soil. That’s why it’s best to avoid autumn and winter and wait patiently. good times to undertake emptying your shell pool.

However, be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand, so as not to choose days that are too sunny. In fact, the sun can rapidly alter the lining of your shell pool.

Once emptied, do not wait more than 24 hours to refill your pond, as this may result in damage damage to the structure of your pond.

Notify your neighbors a few days before emptying your shell pool.

It may seem obvious, but emptying thousands of m3 of water is not without consequences for your soil and that of your neighbors (risk of flooding, infiltration through the soil). For this reason, it is imperative that you notify your municipality which will advise you on the arrangements to safely evacuate water. Secondly, warn your neighbors of the date of your emptying, so that they can check that no infiltration of the soil is taking place on their property.

Once your local authorities and neighbors have been notified, remember to stop all treatment of your pool water at least 10 days before emptying to avoid soil pollution.

A few steps to take on oil change day

Are your floors dry? Have your neighbors and local authority been notified of your oil change?

Great! You can now start emptying your pool in instalments. In this way, you give your soil time to absorb and evacuate water. This avoids the risk of flooding and soil infiltration.

Once your pool has been emptied, it’s essential to prevent the structure from falling out of place, otherwise it could crack or break. To do this, leave at least 20 centimetres of water inside your shell pool. Using beams – installed in the widthwise direction – support the shell of your pool during the entire emptying process. To protect the cladding at contact points, place sheets of cardboard or another smooth surface between it and the beam.

Finally, don’t delay refill the less time it spends without water, the better off it will be!

Would you like more information on emptying your shell pool before taking the plunge? Don’t hesitate to contact
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