When a pool is not properly maintained, it is quickly invaded by waste, bacteria and all kinds of pool algae, which can be harmful to health. To keep your pool clean, it’s essential to use the right products to clean and disinfect it. A closer look at pool maintenance products.

Filtration system maintenance

Comprising a filter, pump, skimmers and discharge nozzles, the filtration system filters impurities from the water and returns it clean to the pond. Certain tools are used to maintain it so that it remains efficient, such as the pool robot, one of the best pool maintenance products. This must then be combined with a treatment product such as pool chlorine.

Cleaning the basin

Pool algae debris, insects, leaves and other debris cannot all be cleaned by the filtration system. They should be picked up with a landing net. To clean the walls and bottom, you can use a robot cleaner or vacuum cleaner, which are among the best pool maintenance products available. As for the water line, a sponge and a dedicated product are all you need to clean it.

Water treatment

When it comes to cleaning the water, brooms, vacuums and pool cleaners aren’t enough. The most common product for improving water quality is pool chlorine. Used to destroy all types of pool algae, one of the most popular pool maintenance productsis active oxygen. Bromine and salt electrolysis are also used to disinfect pond water. To maintain the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.4, we recommend using a pH corrector.

Other pool maintenance products

For water treatment, there are other pool maintenance products. These are :

  • flocculant, which facilitates water filtration (apart from the pool cleaner);
  • PHMB is used to disinfect water, as is chlorine for swimming pools;
  • anti-algae, used preventively or as a treatment to limit the formation of algae in the water.

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