What is a shell pool?

The shell pool is a rigid pool made of a single block of plastic. For anyone wishing to enjoy an in-ground pool, a shell pool is an interesting alternative, because it’s quick and easy to install. The polyester shell pool is a single-block pool. In other words, your pool will be delivered to you in one piece, ready to install, in the shape of your choice.
The installation of a shell pool offers many advantages and a wide range of models, made from a wide variety of materials: polyester, resin, acrylic…
To help you understand the characteristics of each material, we’ve devoted this article to polyester shell pools.

The advantages of a polyester shell pool

Very popular with private customers, the polyester shell pool offers numerous functional, aesthetic and economic advantages. If you’re still deciding between different materials for your shell pool installation project, here’s what you need to know about polyester models.

Ease of installation

As you can see, since it’s a one-piece pool, a polyester shell pool is very quick to install. In fact, once you’ve completed the groundwork, it only takes a few days to install and commission your pond. A polyester shell pool saves you a lot of time, so you can get the most out of your pool as soon as the warm weather arrives.

Speed of use

One of the special features of a shell pool is that it is “prepared” before delivery. In fact, your pool is covered with a watertight lining that allows it to be used as soon as it is put into service. This is not the case for all materials. A concrete pond, for example, needs to be covered with a material that guarantees watertightness. The result is longer lead times and a higher budget for the installation of your shell pool.

Easy maintenance

The lining of a polyester shell pool is also very easy to clean. The pool’s smooth surface naturally eliminates residues, simplifyingpool maintenance. The result? A clean, attractive pool that’s less of a burden on your day-to-day life.

Customization options

Fourth and final advantage: personalization. The polyester shell pool is made from a mold, which means you can give your pool any shape you like (within reason). Rectangular, square, round or more original, you can design a pool that’s just like you! So you can opt for a flat or sloping floor, with or without stairs, depending on your wishes and the needs of your home.
In concrete terms, from the design of your pool to the installation of your shell pool, there are many options available so that you can enjoy an original pool at a lower cost.

How much does a shell pool cost?

The price of a shell pool varies enormously depending on its size, shape and the additional equipment you wish to add. The cost also depends on how the pool is installed. Indeed, earthworks are an essential item to take into account in your estimates. The more complex your terrain, the higher the price of your pool.
If you opt for a simple, small-format model, your project will cost around 6,000 euros. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a large-format pool with lots of equipment, your project could cost as much as €30,000.
Generally speaking, however, the average price of a polyester shell swimming pool project varies between 12,000 and 15,000 euros.
Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help you estimate your project according to your needs.

Installation of your shell pool in 4 days

Four days is all Aboral needs to assemble your shell pool. To help you enjoy your pool as quickly as possible, we commit to installing (assembly + fitting) your shell pool in less than a week.
How is this possible?

We build our pool hulls

Building a swimming pool in just a few days was unthinkable just a few years ago. Today, Aboral promises installation in just 4 days. How is this possible?
Since the democratization of shell pools and mini-pools, installation is much faster than for conventional pools.
However, not all pool builders are able to offer such lead times. At Aboral, to guarantee this deadline, we manufacture our own polyester hulls at our Bordeaux-based production site. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art machinery and ultramodern production tools, with the aim of offering you a basin quality that meets your expectations. The creation of this production site enables us to produce different models of shell pool, with wide variations in sizes, formats and options.

Quality installation

Quick installation is not always synonymous with a lack of quality. At Aboral, we’ve chosen to combine quality with responsiveness, offering you reliable pools installed in record time. Your swimming pool shell is manufactured directly in our factory, then shipped to your plot with all the materials required to install your pool shell. Our experienced technicians then take care of the installation.

The different stages in installing your shell pool

Once you’ve chosen your pool model and requested a quote from the Aboral team, we’ll contact you to schedule the work. Then, as soon as the quotation has been accepted, your Aboral pond will be delivered to you and work will begin within 4 days.
To help you understand the various stages involved in the installation of your shell pool, here’s how we do it. Five steps are essential to guarantee optimum results in the shortest possible time.

Step 1

Excavation and earthwork to ensure that the pit is perfectly adapted to the polyester shell you have chosen.

Step 2

Laying the invert, the pool’s foundation, and installing the drainage system to ensure proper water circulation in your pit.

Step 3

Installation of your Aboral Piscine shell, pre-selected and customized by our team of advisors.

Step 4

Backfilling, connecting your pool and adding any optional extras (coping, heat pump, light, spa, etc.).

Step 5

Putting your pool in water so you can enjoy it as soon as possible.
Four days later, your pool is ready and all you have to do is swim!

10-year warranty on your shell pool

Aboral is one of the few brands to insure your pool for 10 years with a capitalisation insurance contract.
For your long-term peace of mind, we back our pools with a 10-year warranty. This ten-year guarantee applies to the gelcoat, structure, waterproofing and installation of your shell pool, so you can enjoy your pool with complete confidence.
Are you planning to build your own swimming pool? The Aboral teams are here to listen to your needs and offer you solutions tailored to your desires. We offer you a wide choice of polyester shell pools and local support throughout your project. We take the time to answer all your questions, so you can be sure of a quality response, tailored to the characteristics of your project.
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