Less expensive than a concrete pool and more pleasant than an above-ground pool, the shell pool has been the star of your outdoor space for some years now. And with good reason: this is the model with the best value for money !

But that’s not all: rapid installation, watertightness and a wide range of customization options are just some of the reasons for the success of this type of structure… and its price!

But in concrete terms, what do you need to know about the price of a
ready-to-sink pool in 4 days
? Without further ado, Aboral gives you some answers to the questions about the various parameters that make up the price of your pond.


How to calculate the price of a polyester shell pool?

As mentioned above, the price range for a polyester shell swimming pool varies according to a number of parameters, such as :

– The basin dimensions The price of a shell pool depends primarily on its volume, i.e. its width, length and depth. As a result, the mini-pools will always be more affordable than XXL pools. But that’s not all! The volume of your pond also depends on the bottom you have chosen (flat bottom or sloping).

– The shape of the pool The more complex the shell, the higher the price. Indeed, the free-form are more difficult to manufacture than conventional pools (round, rectangular, square pools), since they require several elementary shapes to be assembled and welded together.

– The material used to manufacture the shell : Building a polyester shell pool is less expensive than an acrylic pool. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay €100 to €120 per square meter for polyester. For acrylic, allow +15 to +25% for a pool of the same dimensions…. Knowing that acrylic has the reputation of being stronger and more durable!

– The earthworks Depending on the soil content, the surface area and the depth of the hole to be dug, the price can vary from simple to triple. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask your pool specialist directly.

– The delivery and installation : In addition to the cost of designing the shell of your swimming pool, the delivery and installation of the pool in your outdoor space is also a cost to be anticipated. Once again, prices vary according to the size of your pond and the distance to the site.


Taking all these factors into account, it is estimated that the average price of a shell pool ranges from €7,000 to €30,000 (with an average price of €15,000).


Finishing and fittings: what are the additional costs involved in installing a shell pool?

In addition to the construction and installation of your hull, there may be additional costs. To ensure the safety of bathers, you are obliged to equip your pool with a standardized safety system (automatic cover, bar cover or pool alarm).

Other features may also be essential, such as :

– installation of a pH regulatorregulator to easily manage the balance of your water and prevent it from turning green;

– the installation of a cleaning robot to clean the various walls of your pool and limit soiling;

– installation of a heat pumpespecially if you live in northern or central France, where temperatures are generally lower than on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts;

– installation of a technical room where you can store your equipment, pool gear and other toys.


Added to this are the costs of
pool maintenance
with the purchase of nets, brooms and chlorine, bromine or salt treatment products.

When you add them all up, they can quickly add up! To avoid unpleasant surprises, think about all the equipment you want to install before you start your construction project. Plan a dedicated place for them and adapt your budget accordingly.


What’s the budget for a ready-to-dive Aboral pool?

To keep costs down and offer you a shell swimming poolAboral offers a ready-to-dive formula. As the name suggests, this package gives you direct access to your pool in just 4 days!

All you have to do is ask us for a quote using our
online pool simulator
. We (or one of the experts in our national network of dealers) will then contact you directly to discuss the cost of the work – based on your wishes and the constraints of your plot.

Once the estimate has been signed, our team of professional technicians will take care of everything:

– Earthwork adapted to the chosen hull ;

– Installation of invert and drainage system ;

– Hull installationadjustment and levelling;

– Backfilling, connecting and adding options (coping, lights, etc.)

– The pool is now ready to welcome its first bathers!


In terms of price Aboral offers are among the most advantageous on the market. In fact, we offer a wide choice of pools priced from €12,000 to €35,000, including installation. Pricing to suit all budgets, including the most economical!


Need a quote for your pool project ? Contact us directly
team of experts
will be happy to contact you as soon as possible to propose a customized pool to suit your needs and budget!

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