We're one of those pool builders who are fully committed to providing you with technically perfect hulls.

Aboral Piscinesyourpool builder in Bordeaux

Our company specializes in the manufacture and installation of polyester shell pools. Historically based in the Gironde at St Jean d'Illac, Aboral Piscines can operate in the Bordeaux metropolitan area and throughout the department. Whether you're in the Bassin d'Arcachon, the Pointe du Médoc, Le Verdon, Libourne or Bazas, our team of experts is available to come to your home and carry out the pool project of your dreams. Whatever the shape or color of the shell pool you choose for your garden, we'll make sure it perfectly matches your needs and meets all your expectations and desires. Aboral, your shell pool manufacturer and installer in Bordeaux!

A pool builder specializing inpolyester monoblocks

Our factory in Saint-Jean-d’Illac, Gironde, manufactures all types of pools, from 5.50 m to 10.40 m in length, from flat to sloping bottoms, with or without automatic shutters. We’re one of those pool builders who are fully committed to providing you with technically perfect hulls. Are you looking for a pool builder in Bordeaux or the surrounding area? Call on Aboral Piscines!

To find out more about our different models of shell pools, or to plan your own project, contact our teams in Bordeaux, who will be delighted to help you.

Whether you’re a pool builder in Bordeaux, a mason or a verandalist, only the expertise of skilled men and women can ensure customer satisfaction. Aboral is a responsible, local company that integrates robotization into its plants while preserving and improving working conditions for its employees. Professional training and learning recognized know-how are also part of our human approach. We empower our staff and constantly update our methods in line with technological advances (materials, processes, etc.).

In this sense, Aboral is part of the “Usine du Futur” program set up by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region to help companies improve their industrial performance.

A regionaland environmental commitment

We favor local sourcing for 90% of our needs. If we can’t do otherwise, we use products from Europe and the rest of the world. This approach allows us to considerably reduce the impact of our industry on the environment and preserve our regional wealth.

ABORAL PISCINES wants to assert its territorial roots. We develop responsible and sustainable industrialization programs, while maintaining local employment and providing access to vocational training.