It’s not always easy to find space for a swimming pool on your property. In recent years, however, small pools have emerged as the perfect solution. So, if you don’t think you can install a pool because you don’t have enough space in your garden, Aboral pools are the ones for you. The shell pool is on a roll, and by 2020, this pool format will be in widespread use.

Why choose a small pool?

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, mini-pools are not only good for small gardens, but also for the environment and your budget. Aboral small pools offer a wide choice of models and are easy to maintain. What’s more, building a pool of this type is fairly quick, and it has an exceptional lifespan if properly maintained.

What’s more, reducing the surface area of swimming pools has a real positive impact on the environment. In fact, a shell pool, like an Aboral pool, is smaller and therefore consumes much less water and energy for heating. Also, a smaller pond requires fewer filter products and, again, less energy consumption to heat the water, which is also good for your budget.

Choose Piscines Aboral

Aboral is the ideal company to build a quality swimming pool. Aboral pools have been on the polyester monoblock pool market for 10 years. Specializing in mini-pools, the company offers a range of accessories for pools and spas, as well as more than a dozen models of shell pools.

It also has its own factory and, thanks to a highly qualified workforce and several regional suppliers, produces its own molds, spas and Aboral pools.

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