With 30 years of recognized expertise in the construction of polyester shell pools, Aboral Piscines has firmly established itself as a benchmark among pool builders in Bordeaux, Gironde.

Thanks to our extensive dealer network, you can discover a variety of pool models designed to meet your precise needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, traditional or innovative pool, our diverse selection is sure to meet all your expectations.

Discover the experience of Charles, a resident of Belin-Beliet, who chose Aboral Piscines for his swimming pool project in Gironde.

Aboral Piscines, your pool specialist in Bordeaux and the surrounding area

Located in Saint-Jean d’Illacin the heart of the Bordeaux region, Aboral Piscines is recognized as a major player in the polyester polyester shell pools in Bordeaux.

What sets Aboral apart from other pool specialists in Bordeauxis our unwavering commitment to our customers. We are committed to providing you with personalized support at every stage of your project, from delivery to installation and commissioning of your shell pool.

Open Monday to Friday, you can visit us at 726 allée des Cantines, 33127 Saint-Jean d’Illac. Our team of experts will introduce you to our extensive range of polyester shell pools, from 3.90 m to 10.80 m in length, with various options such as an automatic automatic underwater shutter for added safety and convenience.

Whether you live in Pessac, Mérignac, Blanquefort or Lormont, our experts are on hand to help you find the perfect perfect shell pool.

If you wish, our professionals can also take care of maintenance of your pool at competitive rates.

Feedback from Charles, who placed his trust in Aboral Piscines

In May 2022, Charles, a resident of Belin-Beliet, embarked on his first swimming pool construction project. After examining bids from several
distributors in Gironde
he opted for Aboral Piscines because of our geographical proximity and the trust inspired by our previous business dealings. He particularly appreciated the transparency and professionalism of our approach, which reinforced his decision.

At the start of the project, Charles was faced with the stress inherent in his first first pool projectwhich represents a major challenge for him.

To reinforce his confidence, we invited him to visit our factory, allowing him to see for himself our know-how and the quality of our products. Charles described the visit as a “
great moment

He is reassured, fully satisfied and ready to recommend Aboral Piscines to his friends and family: “
The stress of a project like this disappears completely, given the follow-up and expertise that accompany you.
.” He also expressed his conviction that we will remain his choice for future projects.

Aboral Piscines is committed to offering quality service, personalized support and expertise to all our customers. Our goal is to make every swimming pool project a smooth, rewarding experience for the people of Bordeaux and the surrounding area.

Aboral Piscines dealers near you

At Aboral Piscineswe know just how important a construction of a swimming pool and to what extent the professional has a role to play. That’s why our experts are there every step of the way, to help you mature your project and bring it to fruition.

Aboral Piscines is committed to a close relationship with its customers, with a presence throughout France and especially in Gironde.


Explore our various sales outlets located near you in Gironde:

Aboral Piscines
located in Saint-Jean d’Illac at 726, allée des Cantines 33127. Who better to recommend our pools than Aboral Piscines? Manufacturer and installer of pool hulls for 10 years.

La Piscine d’Aquitaine
in Blanquefort, at 1 rue des Métiers. Our reseller Piscine d’Aquitaine offers Aboral’s premium shell pools, which combine design and exceptional quality.

SVB Piscines
located at 3431 Avenue des Pyrénées, Le Barp. This distributor, an expert in swimming pool installation, offers a wide range of Aboral shell pools.

La Piscine d’Aquitaine
in Saint Laurent du Médoc, at Chemin des Chevaliers. Here again, our dealer offers you a premium selection of Aboral shell pools which combine design, durability and expertise.

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