Installing a swimming pool involves taking a number of parameters into account: plot size, budget, shape, options, etc. As a specialist manufacturer of made-to-measure shell pools, Aboral offers you a simple and effective tool for configuring your custom pool .

Guide: Choosing your custom-built shell pool

Whether you want an Aboral pool or not, there are a number of price-related criteria to consider when choosing a custom-built shell pool. These include :

– choosing the size: you need to decide whether you prefer a small pool or a large family pool;
– choosing the slope of your custom-built shell pool: you can choose a flat-bottomed pool or a shell with a compound slope, if you have children;
– an encased pool: your custom-built pool can have an integrated automatic cover, ideal for safety and facilitating cleaning of the custom-built shell pool and heat conservation;
– Essential equipment: your Aboral pool comes with all the equipment you need, at no extra cost;
– Accessories and options: choose according to your needs (maintenance, safety, practicality, comfort, etc.), for a custom-made shell pool that reflects your image.

How does the Aboral online pool configurator work?

Once you’ve weighed up all the options, it’s time to get an idea of how your custom-built pool will look. Aboral, your made-to-measure shell pool specialist, can help. On its website, it offers a simple, intuitive configurator that lets you choose from 18 polyester shell models, 4 color choices and all Aboral pool equipment. All you have to do is enter your contact details to receive a personalized quote for your custom-built shell pool, in just 24 to 48 hours.

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