Some dogs, like humans, love to cool off in hot weather, and your four-legged friend may be one of them. However, the cleaning chemicals in your pool water are a real danger to your dog.

Find out why it’s advisable not to let your pet swim, what the dangers are for a dog jumping into a pool, and what you can do to prevent any incidents?

How dangerous is your dog at the pool?

The biggest risk to your dog when you let him swim in your pool, apart from drowning, is exposure to the chemicals in the water, namely chlorine. Contact with this toxic product can intoxicate your pet, and its skin can quickly become irritated.

It’s also for this reason that we strongly advise against letting your dog drink pool water, even if you have a salt pool, as this can lead to gastric problems, dehydration and increased sodium levels in the blood.

What’s more, your dog is a carrier of bacteria and dirt. By letting it swim in your pool, you run the risk of these impurities ending up in the water. What’s more, the hair your pet sheds in the water can quickly clog your pool’s filter.

Finally, the danger of letting your dog swim in your pool is that he may damage the polyester shell. Of course, the risk of tearing or piercing is virtually nil, but it’s possible that your dog’s scratches will leave indelible marks.

How can you stop your dog swimming in your pool?

One of the best ways to limit the dangers of your dog jumping into your pool is to install a safety fence. So you can control access to the pool. A cover or a shelter are also particularly effective solutions against drowning, especially when you’re not using your pool.

We wish you a wonderful summer with your 4-legged friend! ?

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