Swimming pool equipment is not to be taken lightly, as it determines not only the proper operation of your pool, but also its maintenance. Low-end or poor-quality products should therefore be avoided at all costs to ensure water quality and the longevity of your pool. Be aware that small savings can cost you in the long run. On a more pleasant note, pool equipment also includes accessories designed to embellish and decorate your pool, making your bathing moments relaxed and festive!

Essential equipment for your pool :

Treat yourself to some accessories and equipment tailored to your pool’s needs. We’ll show you which equipment is best:

The pool robot

As you’re no doubt aware, a pool cleaner is the key to a clean and healthy pool! Far more efficient than manual cleaning and, above all, far less restrictive because it’s autonomous, the pool robot is the ideal ally to help you maintain your pool.

Our range of pool robots

Cleaning products

Maintaining a swimming pool is a real challenge, because the treatment of your water must be carried out with a certain rigor. There are many types of products that can help you keep your water clean and healthy. However, choices are hard to make, so here are a few examples of pool maintenance products that will be very useful to you: pH corrector, water disinfectant, flocculant, water content correction, or even water repellent. Did you know that you can also buy a small device that takes care of the dosing itself? 😉

Our pool care products

Pool maintenance

To enjoy swimming to the full, you need to take good care of your pool (the one you’ve been eyeing for years and bought yourself ;). The pool robot is a must-have. However, the legendary landing net will always come in handy for daily pond maintenance. What’s more, it can also be used to retrieve a ball or games that the kids have left in the pool – without getting wet! (Parent tip)

Games for fun in your pool:

Young and old alike are already familiar with many pool games. However, having a few ideas in reserve can always be interesting.

Inflatable games

There are many different shapes and models of inflatable games. All that’s left is to make the right choice according to your taste and the ambience you want to give your pool area. You can opt for color to give your pool a summery feel, or choose gold to give it a chic, trendy look!

Our ideas for games to entertain your children

Aboral gives you some ideas for fun games in the pool! Underwater ring hunt, water polo, water volleyball or ping-pong ball hunt. 3,2,1 It’s your turn!
Equipment around your pool :
Poolside equipment is what gives your pool the most style. Here are a few ideas that might tempt you.

Garden rooms

Garden furniture is the essential element for enjoying fine weather around the pool. Choose something modern, elegant and practical.

Our barbecues

Good weather means a barbecue party! Make the most of your poolside setting by setting up a barbecue with friends and family. Find all our garden equipment on Aboral Shop.

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