You’ve decided to have a swimming pool installed in your home! But you’re still wondering which shape of pond to choose? Find out how to choose the right shape for your pool, with these few tips.

What different types of swimming pools are there?

There are traditional pool shapes and others that are less traditional.

Classic shapes
We distinguish :
– rectangular: the most classic of shapes, perfect for swimming. With a large garden, choosing a rectangle shape for your pool is ideal, but less so when you have limited space;
– round: suitable for small spaces. Ideal for relaxation, but less convenient for swimming;
– The oval: very aesthetic, it blends in easily with your surroundings and allows you to make lengths.

Other shapes
You can choose the shape of your pool by opting for :
– an overflow pool: the pool overflows to one side, as there is no coping. It has the advantage of staying clean longer than conventional pools, but costs more;
– original shapes: ideal for choosing the shape of your shell pool. Corner, octagonal, peanut, bean, egg or heart-shaped, they are all perfectly adaptable, albeit at a cost;
– free-form: allows you to choose the shape of your pool according to the space available on your plot, but at a high cost;
– the swim lane: long and straight, but not suitable for everyone, as it is reserved for athletes.

The mini pool: a trendy new pool design

To choose the shape of your pool, you can also opt for the mini pool. It can be installed anywhere, whatever the terrain: a small garden, a terrace, a patio, right in the center of town or in the countryside. The small pool can be kit, above-ground, in-ground or custom-built.
You can also choose the shape of your polyester shell pool by opting for the mini pool. Apart from its small size, it has the advantage of being inexpensive to install and maintain. As well as choosing the shape of your pool, you also need to decide on the material to be used to build it. This article will help you make the right choice.

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