Imagine being able to enjoy clean, healthy pool water all season long, with no effort at all. With automated maintenanceIt’s now possible and accessible to all. Indeed, no matter visit technical characteristics of your pool (shape, liner, shell), the type of treatment (chlorine, salt electrolysis, UV) and type of filtration (cartridge filter, sand filter, diatomaceous earth filter),
can be fully automated.

To help you better understand the benefits and help you discover the various automation systems that exist on the market, Aboral takes you on a tour of the equipment that will make your life easier!


Automated pool maintenance: what are the benefits?


The automated pool equipmentThese sensors analyze and adapt your pool’s treatment so that it’s always perfectly dosed. In this way, treatment dosage errors can be avoided, along with their consequences.

In fact, when your pool treatment is not carried out regularly enough or improperly, pool water can turn green. In this case, a shock treatment (with chlorine, bromine or liquid active oxygen, depending on your pool’s usual treatment) is required.

This is a demanding stage, since it requires a 48-hour rest period before bathing can be resumed. What’s more, these treatments are extremely powerful and can prematurely wear down your pool’s lining.

On the other hand, over-treatment of your pool can pose health risks for bathers. A temporary halt to swimming, or even a complete draining may be required.


What’s more, equipping yourself automated equipment will make your life easier. Going on vacation for several weeks? Don’t worry! Thanks to automated maintenanceThe pool stays clean, even after you’ve returned home. Ideal for extending your vacation with a dip when you get home.


Finally, as you may have guessed, one of the last advantages of automation of your pool is obviously to save time. By equipping your pool, you’ll spend less time treating your pool and more time enjoying swimming with family and friends!


Solutions for automated pool maintenance


To automate the process of treating your pool water, two solutions are available on the market: automatic dispensers of disinfectant (chlorine or bromine) and
pH regulators


Automatic disinfectant dispensers

Consisting of a tank designed to hold chlorine or bromine, depending on your pool, automatic dispensers make it easy to inject these disinfectants into your pool.

Even so, you need to check regularly that the disinfectant tank is never empty.


The pH controller

The principle behind this tool is simple. Integrated into your pool’s hydraulic system, the controller probe measures your pool’s pH every day. If necessary, the device regulates the pH by adding regulating product continuously until the water is balanced.


For greater efficiency and convenience, you can also opt for a pH regulator combined with an automatic disinfectant dispenser.


Please note that although this equipment saves you a great deal of time and trouble, you will need to check the following from time to time your water values. After all, you can never be sure that one of your devices won’t malfunction!



You want to automate your pool maintenance ? To help you purchase your various appliances, call on the services of Aboral specialists. They’ll be happy to advise you!

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