More economical and easier to install than an in-ground pool, the above-ground pool is attracting a lot of attention. But how do you choose? This article is here to guide you in your choice of above-ground pool. Discover the advantages and disadvantages, the different variations and the prices, so you can make your choice with peace of mind.

The advantages of an above-ground pool

The first advantage of an above-ground pool is its lower price compared with an in-ground pool. The above-ground pool is therefore the ideal solution for people who want to enjoy the coolness of the pool on a limited budget.
Above-ground pools come in a variety of shapes and models.
It stands out for its speed and ease of assembly and disassembly. In fact, with an above-ground pool, you don’t need to do any major work! You won’t need to commit to any earthworks.

Easy to clean, the above-ground pool can be dismantled for winter use, which is extremely practical. What’s more, if your above-ground pool is larger than 10 m2 and you intend to leave it in place for more than three months, you won’t need to apply for planning permission, but only for a prior declaration from your local council.

The disadvantages of an above-ground pool

The disadvantages of above-ground pools include their fragility, particularly in the case of inflatable models. Beware of knocks that can damage it.
In terms of use, small above-ground pools are great for children, but not for adults.
Rigid above-ground pool models, on the other hand, can suffer from over-frequent assembly and disassembly, which can put structures at risk.
Although no major work is required, it’s important to prepare the ground in advance: to enjoy your above-ground pool for as long as possible, it’s essential to install it on flat ground, so that the structure is stable.

How much does an above-ground pool cost?

The price of an above-ground pool essentially depends on the model chosen and its dimensions. Freestanding pools are among the most economical, perfect for small budgets, with prices starting at just a few hundred euros.
Metal-frame pools are more expensive, ranging from €100 to over €1,000. Wooden pools are the most expensive above-ground pool models, with prices ranging from €1,200 to over €10,000.

The different types of above-ground pools

You can choose between different types of above-ground pools, with rigid and inflatable models. There’s a wide range of sizes and structures to choose from, depending on your needs and desires!
To make your choice, don’t forget to ask yourself the right questions:
Will your pool be a playground for your children, or exclusively for adults?
Do you want to dismantle it or keep it for the winter?
Do you prefer a small pool or a larger one?
All these criteria will help you make the best choice.

Self-supporting inflatable pools are among the most popular models, as they are economical and easy to install and dismantle. Oval or round in shape, it’s a child’s delight thanks to its shallow depth. It is, however, more fragile than other models.

Another above-ground pool model is the flexible tubular steel-framed pool, available in round or rectangular shapes, renowned for the strength of its tubes. However, its height is often limited, especially for adults.
Metal pools are also available in imitation wood, in round or oval shapes, offering a good compromise between strength, aesthetics and price.

If aesthetics are one of your primary criteria, choose a rigid wooden pool. The shapes available are more original: square, rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal, the rigid wooden pool ensures durability and charm, while adding a new cachet thanks to this noble material. The downside is that it’s more expensive than previous models, and takes longer to install.

Do you know about shell pools?

If you want a pool that lasts, you can opt for a polyester shell pool. This in-ground pool model is renowned for its durability and sturdiness. With its lightweight, watertight structure and quick 4-day installation time, this in-ground pool model is affordable for small budgets.
To finalize your pool project or for more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Aboral team!

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