When the winter season approaches, winterizing a shell pool means preparing your pool for winter, preserving the water and installations until the warm weather returns. Depending on the severity of winter in your region, you may opt for passive or active winterizing. In both cases, it’s important to do everything possible to prevent damage to the pool shell during wintering.

Prepare your pool for winter with passive winterizing

Preparing your pool for winter with this technique means stopping filtration, cleaning and maintenance of the water and the pool. To do this, you need to :

  • deep-clean the pool;
  • shock-treat the water to make it perfectly healthy;
  • lower the water level ;
  • Drain and winterize your pool’s filtration system to prepare your pool for winter;
  • add a winterizing product as well as floats and gizmos in the skimmer basket;
  • install a winter cover.

Prepare your pool for winter with active winterizing

The active wintering technique involves maintaining water filtration during the cold season, but at a fairly low rate, averaging around 2h/day. It’s simpler than passive wintering. To prepare your pool for winter, simply :

  • Pour a winterizing product into the pool at the beginning of winter and repeat the operation if necessary;
  • check pH and water balance regularly;
  • create movement in the water to prevent freezing
  • set the frost protection unit to automatically start the pump when the pool water reaches a certain temperature.

If you use this method to prepare your pool for winter, you don’t have to cover it with a winter cover.

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