Are you familiar with inflatable spas? It’s a simple, affordable way to relax at home. When you install an inflatable spa in your home, you’re sure to enjoy relaxation at any time!

The advantages of having an inflatable spa at home?

The advantages of havingan inflatable spa at home are obvious!
First of all, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to relax and banish all the tensions of the day when you get home, and have the chance to enjoy precious moments of relaxation in total privacy.
Another major advantage is ease of installation and low cost: the price of an inflatable spa is attractive, accessible to all and lower than fixed spas.
Another positive point is its ability to blend in with your property: thanks to the vast choice of models, inflatable spas blend in perfectly with your garden or terrace, adding a new aesthetic touch to your exterior.


An inflatable spa takes up much less space than a Jacuzzi or swimming pool. It can be moved as you wish, saving space.

Quick disassembly

Inflatable spas are very easy to assemble and disassemble, so you don’t have to plan any major work that could cost you time and money. You can therefore install it on a smooth, flat floor and move it around as you please, as it is not permanently fixed. Thanks to its lightness and durability, you can enjoy your inflatable spa in any season: in summer in your garden, and in winter inside your home.

How to choose the right inflatable spa?

Thechoice of your future inflatable spa will depend on your needs and preferences.
Choose your new inflatable spa not only according to its features, such as hydrojets or bubbles, but also by taking into account the size and number of seats. Some inflatable spas include accessories that enhance comfort levels, such as headrests or glass rests.
Finally, aesthetics are also important: inflatable spas are available in many shapes, colors and covers. Some models feature a light that instantly sets the mood in the evening.

the best inflatable spa How to choose an inflatable spa

How do I maintain my inflatable spa?

Spa maintenance isn’t rocket science. First of all, we recommend that you install a protective cover to prevent soiling and to speed up spa heating.
You should clean your inflatable spa regularly if you want to enjoy healthy water! So plan to clean your spa’s basin, filter and disinfect the water on a regular basis.
It is advisable to filter the water every day, remembering to replace the filter cartridge regularly. To clean your spa, you can use a vacuum cleaner for the bottom and walls. Unlike a swimming pool, spa water must be changed regularly.

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