Do you dream of having a swimming pool, but don’t have enough space to install one? Here’s why you should opt for a miniature shell pool.

A mini pool… is it for me?

Specially designed for small spaces, the miniature shell pool is becoming increasingly popular. It offers many aesthetic, practical and economic advantages over conventional, above-ground pools and concrete models. An overview!

What is a miniature shell pool?

This is a type of in-ground or in-ground pool whose structure is factory-molded in its final form before being delivered to site and installed. This type of pond comes in a variety of shapes: rectangular, square, oval or even kidney-shaped.

mini shell pool
can also be custom-made to give it an original shape. Relaxation options (balneotherapy, venturi jets, etc.) and a sports option (counter-current swimming system) are also available for swimmers.

mini swimming pool mini swimming pool advantages relaxation mini pool

What are the advantages of installing a miniature shell pool?

The main advantage of this pool is its small size (less than 10 m2). No administrative formalities are required, and it can be adapted to any terrain, even in urban areas. The mini-shell pool blends easily into any environment, indoors or out.

What’s more, as well as being relatively quick to install, it’s also very economical, costing less to build, install and maintain than a standard-sized pool. It’s also environmentally friendly, since its small size means it consumes less energy than a large pool, which helps to reduce heating costs.

The miniature shell pool is perfectly suited to people with limited space and a tight budget, who are concerned about the environment and want to enjoy their pool without administrative constraints.

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