Children’s pool accessories are essential both for their safety and for keeping them entertained all summer long. In fact, you can’t do without equipment such as inflatables, buoys and water games.
In this article, you’ll find all the children’s pool accessories you need to enjoy a great family summer by the pool.


Crucial for children, pool games allow your little ones to have fun and enjoy swimming to the full. And the choice of equipment is vast! For example, you can opt for inflatable buoys. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors. Whether it’s an armband, an inflatable vest or a seat buoy, your child can have fun and swim in complete safety.
Because not only are buoys ideal for animating your children in the pool, they also serve to keep their heads above water and thus prevent the risk of drowning. Of course, nothing can replace the watchful eye of an adult. However, the buoy is a pool accessory for children (and for adults, who see it as an appropriate place to bask in the sun) that easily finds its place in your pool as soon as the warm weather arrives.

The games

Although the pool itself is a lot of fun for your children, it’s also a good idea to offer them some water games. You can equip them with water pistols for an impromptu naval battle, volleyballs to launch a family sports competition, or, if you have the space, an inflatable slide to turn your pool into a playground.

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