A polyester shell pool is far from being a secondary choice for your future pool! It offers a number of advantages, not least cost, both in terms of installation and use. The polyester shell or monoblock pool offers a wide choice of shapes, colors and sizes, making it easy to integrate into your garden. If you’ve got room to spare, you can opt for a large model. Conversely, if you’ve only got a patch of garden, a polyester shell mini-pool will satisfy your swimming desires. The design possibilities for polyester shell pools have greatly evolved in recent years, and a wide range of styles and models are now available, to suit all types of plot. The speed of installation is an added bonus, which may also be important in your decision: it takes several weeks to have a conventional pool built, whereas a polyester shell pool should take no more than a week to install. Better still, Aboral can install the pool of your dreams in just 4 days! Finally, and this is good to know, a polyester shell pool can be changed and resold… if you ever want a bigger (or smaller!) pool. Aboral is committed to providing you with regular promotional offers so that you can buy your polyester shell swimming pool at a bargain price.

Special offers to reduce yourpool budget!

One of the advantages of a polyester shell pool is its low cost of construction and maintenance, combined with its durability: this means that this type of pool offers excellent value for money. This is what can make the difference with a traditional concrete pool, where hidden costs can arise during installation in particular. It’s quite rare for a concrete pool to cost less than 10,000 euros, and that’s even the case for very small pools. To lighten your budget, Aboral offers polyester shell pools at attractive prices. Aboral also offers year-round promotions on pools and pool-related products at unbeatable prices. Finally, our expertise as pool specialists – we manufacture and install – means you benefit from our best advice. Get in touch with our teams, who will be delighted to advise you on the pool models that are right for you, and present you with our current promotions, in line with your requirements and budget. You can also request a quote, which will help you make the right decision.