There are several types of shell pool floors. The two main types are flat-bottom pools and sloping-bottom pools. Discover the advantages of both options, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The flat-bottomed shell pool

A flat-bottomed polyester shell pool is ideal for water games. Thanks to its even bottom and constant depth, your children can play in complete safety.

Note: you can choose the depth of your pool. A diving board, for example, or an overflowing pool can also be installed.

From an aesthetic point of view, a flat-bottomed shell pool remains a timeless choice, offering a consistent aesthetic finish. Sometimes, depending on the depth of the pool, the color of the water can vary, which is not the case with a flat-bottomed pool.

The advantages of a flat-bottomed pool

  • A child-friendly pool
  • An ideal play area
  • Easy care and maintenance

Flat-bottomed polyester shell pools are also much easier to clean. Maintenance is easier, because a robot vacuum cleaner can move more easily over the flat floor, and the absence of corners limits waste storage. Finally, a flat-bottomed pool is easier to build.

Sloped-bottom shell pools

The sloped-bottom shell pool is ideal for swimmers who want a place to rest. An uneven floor is also useful for visibly separating the swimming part of a pool from the part through which bathers enter the pool.
You can opt for a gently sloping or progressive bottom, which offers a constant slope along the entire length of the pool, with a low level and a deeper level. This gently marks the difference in level.
Be careful, though, as the bottom is sloping, it’s likely that the smallest will slip and end up in the deepest zone, especially if the slope is steep. The presence of an adult is therefore essential.

The advantages of a flat-bottomed pool

  • A pool for everyone
  • The possibility of diving
  • Easy care and maintenance

The sloped-bottom pool is both fun and sporty, making it suitable for both young and old.


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