Technology is also coming to your pool, with connected objects developed to make your life easier. Whether you need to analyze and treat your pool water, manage filtration or simply clean your pool, these high-tech products will meet your needs!

Why choose connected objects for your pool?

Connected objects are easy to use and guarantee optimal results. They allow you to enjoy your pool, and warn you if you need to intervene.

Which connected objects for swimming pools?

The range of connected objects for swimming pools is vast! We’ve selected 5 connected objects for you to discover how they perform!


Would you like to analyze your pool water and treat it effectively?
Discover the flagship product for easy measurement of key water parameters!
The analyzer features cutting-edge technology: connected to your smartphone, it’s an intelligent assistant!
Blue connect analyzer
is available for €329. Blue fit adapter not included. The blue connect analyzer ‘s innovative probe analyzes temperature, pH, disinfectant (ORP) and conductivity. Self-connection is quick and easy, via Bluetooth and Sigfox. Guaranteed for 2 years, this analyzer is also economical: in particular, it reduces the use of treatment products over the long term!


Blue connect plus gold available at 469 €, is a more professional version, offering 20 measurements per day, with weather forecasts and a 2-year warranty. It is multi-user, and its Blue Fit 50 adapter enables connection to the equipment room. This analyzer provides professional remote pool management (Virtual Pool Care).
The blue connect plus gold is always connected, thanks to three technologies: Sigfox, a technology that sends data continuously to the cloud; Blutooth for instant measurements; and WiFi via the Wifi Bleu extender passarelle. Blue Connect Plus Gold water quality analyzers are suitable for all types of pools: they’re your allies for round-the-clock monitoring of your pool’s water quality.

The automatic underwater safety shutter

To keep your pool safe, protect children from drowning and keep the water temperature constant and clean, it’s a good idea to invest in an automatic underwater cover.
Easy to use and maintain, your automatic submerged cover makes wintering your pool a breeze.
The automatic submerged safety shutter, made exclusively to measure to fit your pool perfectly, offers you maximum safety. Available in 4 colors, it is highly aesthetic and features slats manufactured using a new anti-UV and anti-fungal process.

KRISTAL DOMIO connected electrical box

Do you dream of managing your pool’s filtration or lighting rem otely? Then you need the
KRISTAL DOMIO connected electrical box
! Control and manage your pool’s filtration via Bluetooth®, using your smartphone.
With the KRISTAL DOMIO connected electrical box for swimming pools, you can remote filter pump control via your smartphone, manage lighting and get real-time feedback, manage your heat pumpr or your electrolyser and secure your pool in winter, thanks in particular to its frost protection function.

The DOLPHIN S300 electric pool cleaner

For effortless pool cleaning, invest in an electric pool cleaner!
Discover the
DOLPHIN S300 electric pool cleaner
ideal for pools up to 12 meters. This model offers complete cleaning of the bottom, walls and waterline of your pool. You’ll love its PowerSteam System optimized navigation and multi-layer filtration. This robot cleaner can be connected via a mobile app on your smartphone.

Kristal connected heat pump Heat One Top 90

This Kristal Heat One Top 90connected heat pump has built-in wifi functionality so you can control it directly from your smartphone. With its high-performance Toshiba compressor, your pool will be at the right temperature at any time of year!

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