These days, there’s a whole host of animations, lighting and light shows to enhance your pool and its surroundings. Discover the different solutions available to make your pool a real place of relaxation and entertainment.

Light enhances and beautifies your pool. Depending on the color and location you choose, your pool takes on the appearance of a spa, or a trendy place to relax at dusk. The spotlight you choose is usually placed on the pool walls and illuminates the water, providing not only a dazzling visual effect, but also added safety for night-time swimming.

LED lighting

LED lighting is one of the most common ways of enhancing a swimming pool. This equipment lets you play with colors, rhythms and light beams to create a festive atmosphere around your pool. So you can save a lot of money on pool lighting.

To make your pool even more attractive, you can also choose a submersible LED ribbon. Presented in the form of a flexible tube, it is composed of several LEDs. Like a string of lights, the ribbon can be attached to the pool surround with adhesive tape, for example.

Halogen spotlights to enhance your pool

Halogen spotlights are more powerful than LED hens, and less expensive too, but don’t offer as wide a range of animations. Fixed and available in a single color, the halogen spotlight remains a good alternative for those on a budget who want to enhance their pool.

In conclusion, pool floodlights, whether incandescent or LED, can be used for classic or fanciful lighting to enhance your pool. Whatever the atmosphere you want to bring to your pool decoration, you’re bound to find the right lighting model for you.

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