Building a swimming pool requires a number of parameters to be taken into account, including a preliminary layout study and site preparation. This is a preliminary stage inthe construction of a swimming pool, even before the pool estimate is drawn up. With Aboral, you’re guaranteed a well-executed study.

Why conduct a site survey?


When planning toinstall a swimming pool, one of the first parameters to consider is the layout, and in particular the ideal location for the pool. In fact, this layout study is all the more essential as it’s difficult to come back to it once construction has begun. This will influence the stability of the pool and determine its lifespan.

Thelocation of the pool is determined by a number of criteria and must be chosen with care, before the pool construction project and the pool quotation stage. The layout study must take into account the nature of the soil, the climate, the exposure of the garden and other technical criteria. But, above all, it must promote harmony between the pool, the garden and the house.

Aboral’s pool layout study

Aboral piscines has been present in the polyester pool market for 10 years, with a large network of dealers throughout France. The company provides a complete layout study and privileged customized support. What’s more, it’s free and non-binding, so it’s not included in the pool estimate.

At Aboral, site analysis is mandatory right from the start of the pool construction project and covers several points, including :

  • The floor
  • Sunshine
  • prevailing winds
  • Technical room location
  • The plant environment
  • Enhancing your exterior

This personalized layout study is sure to provide you with the most appropriate technical solutions for a pool to suit your needs.

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