You would like to install an
automatic pool cover
soon? An excellent initiative! On the one hand, because covering your pool is now mandatory for the safety of you and your children, but also because it helps to water protection of your pool. By preventing leaves, dust and other pollutants from falling into your pond, installing a pool cover keeps water healthy for longer.


Today, the market offers different shutter models (
fixed above-ground shutters
submerged shutters
). So it can be hard to find your way around and make the right choice. To help you with your project, discover in this article the different types of pool coverstheir advantages and disadvantages.


What are the advantages of covering your pool?


  • Safety : since 2004, secure your pool with a shutter that complies with NF P90-308 standard is mandatory, on pain of a fine of up to €45,000. Beyond the regulatory aspect, installation of automatic pool shutters reduces the risk of falls or drowning. Your children will be able to play in your outdoor space in complete safety. safety.
  • Easy maintenance : the installation of a pool cover limits the deposit of dirt inside the basin. In practical terms, this means less time spent on the net, and more time enjoying your pond!
  • Economy and comfort: by covering your pool at night with a coverYou’ll find it easier to retain the heat built up during the day. This ensures that your pool is at the right temperature all summer long. In addition to these heating savings you also benefit from savings on cleaning products… and a warmer water temperature!


The different types of pool covers


Before installing a pool coverit is important to be familiar with the various technical characteristics of your pond. Depending on size, shape and budget, the choice of model can vary from one pool to another. Here’s an overview of three main types of pool covers you’ll find on the market:



Above-ground pool covers

The main feature of an above-ground pool cover is that its axis rests on two feet. These can be fixed to the coping stones (pool cover fixed above-ground pool) or moved away from the pool (movable above-ground pool covers).



  • Fixed above-ground pool cover

Easy to install, this model is the least expensive and does not require time-consuming work.

Fixed to your pool’s coping, the
fixed above-ground cover
is located at the end of the pool, opposite the staircase. It can therefore be seen at all times around your pool.

For even greater discretion, you can dress up your shutter at any time with a bench or a box.


  • Mobile above-ground pool cover

The advantage of this model over its predecessor lies in its its ability to be moved when rolled up, so you can enjoy the whole pool when swimming.

If you wish, the
mobile above-ground pool cover
can also be dressed up with a bench or box.



Submerged pool covers

Unlike the above-ground pool cover, the submerged pool cover is located inside the pool, in a special technical pit. This preserves the aesthetics of your outdoor space: once open, the shutter is virtually invisible. invisible !

Another advantage: because of their in-water configuration, all submerged pool covers can be fitted with a motorization system.


More practical, more aesthetic, the submerged pool cover can be the ideal solution for covering your pond. However, this model is recommended only if you have not yet embarked on your own business. building your pond. Otherwise, installing an underwater shutter can take up a lot of space in your pool.

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