Are you the proud owner of a shell pool? Please note that the installation of a underwater flap – automatic or manual – is one of the best ways to protect your pool. In fact, in addition to being an excellent safety system that complies with the NF P90-308 standardthe roller shutter is highly effective in preserving water quality of your pond. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to see the emergence of these pool cover

But how do you go about maintenance of your immersed shutter? Without further ado, Aboral gives you its expert advice… Follow the guide!


The different types of pools with submerged covers

You’ve got it… This immersed pool curtainwhich rolls and unrolls on the surface of your pool, offers numerous advantages. In addition to allowing you to maintain clean, healthy pool water water, this device complies with safety standards allows you to make real savings on water, heating and cleaning products. Covering your pool with PVC slats prevents water evaporation. When the weather gets milder, the installation of the underwater flap will help you conserve heat and extend your swimming season! All this, without having to use your heat pump…

And unlike the above-ground shutter, this device combines discretion and aesthetics, disappearing completely once rolled up. What more could you ask for, apart from a motor on the axle, which will make your life easier by freeing you from the constraints of a conventional tarpaulin?

At Aboralyour shell pool specialist, you will find two ranges of pools with submerged covers :

  • The shell pools with submerged shutter box
    Designed to fit the shape of your pool – right down to the cut-out in the stairs – the roller shutter skims the surface of the water before automatically stowing away in a hidden pit at the end of the pool, with a separating wall.
  • The shell pools with underwater cover box
    : Rather similar to the previous system in terms of aesthetics, this pool model features submerged gratingsThe new “watertight” system, installed just a few centimetres below the water line. As a result, when rolled up, the device is virtually invisible!

Would you like to find out more about the technical features or price of these pool ranges? Don’t hesitate to contact Aboral experts for a quote!

How do I clean my pool cover?

To ensure that your submerged pool cover It’s like anything else: you have to take care of it. But don’t worry, the maintenance of this type of device is not as tedious as you might think… All you have to do is clean it twice a year! The first time, in the autumn, before the winterizing your pooland the second when restarting of your pool.

A closer look at the different stages involved in finding a va clean pool.


Keep an eye on the weather and outside temperatures

As mentioned above, cleaning cleaning your electric shutter is first carried out in autumn, when your pool is put into winter storage. This operation takes place between October and December (when the water temperature drops to 12°C), so you’ll need to service your device at this time.

The same goes for the spring restarting your pond. This operation and maintenance of an immersed pool roller shutter are carried out between March and May, depending on the region, and as soon as the water reaches 12°C.

Remove impurities from shutter blades

Now that you know when to clean your submerged shutter, it’s time to get practical.

The first step in the cleaning process is to remove all the impurities (leaves, pollen, insects, etc.) that have settled on your shutter blades in recent weeks. In fact, if this dirt remains in contact with the blades for too long, the blades may become stained.

If this is already the case, clean the blades by rubbing the stains away with a sponge. For stubborn stains, don’t hesitate to use a detergent specifically designed for cleaning automatic pool shutters.

Ask your pool specialist for advice on the best products to use for your shutter and your needs. In fact, in addition to removing stains, some detergents help protect your shutters from mildew!

Thoroughly clean shutter joints

Have you cleaned your blades properly? Now it’s time for a thorough cleaning of the joints that link the blades together. This is where limescale likes to settle. A scaled shutter can damage the operation of your shutter.

So to avoid unpleasant surprises, use a high-pressure cleaner (not exceeding 80 bar), then leave your automatic shutter dry in the sun.

Don’t forget the integrated pit

The last step to remember is to clean the area where the shutter will be installed. To do this, dismantle the grating and clean it thoroughly before maintaining the pit with a pool cleaner or vacuum sweeper.


As you can see, a pool cover will last longer than a cover left in the open without being cleaned or protected from UV rays. In the long run, this will also save you real money on replacement costs!


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