You’re planning to build a swimming pool in your garden: it’s an exciting project! Just one question: what do you expect from yourself before taking the plunge? Here are 4 good reasons to get started!

1) An investment in the value of your home

Building a swimming poolinstantly increases the value of your home. It’s an important added value for your property: a large or small mini-pool will have a definite impact on the selling price of your property!
In fact, a swimming poolattracts a greater number of buyers who may well fall in love with your home: a swimming pool is always a very attractive piece of equipment!
What’s more, building your own pool is an important investment for you and your family: if you’re in a confined space, there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy a pool at home, and thus a real bubble of escape!

2) Comfortable living

Whether you choose a flat-bottom pool or a sloped-bottom pool your new pool will increase your level of comfort for several reasons:

– Decompressing in the pool after a long day’s work is a welcome comfort and an effective way to relieve stress! The pool is a great place to exercise and keep fit, while relaxing in the crystal-clear water.

– The swimming pool is also the ideal refuge for long, hot summer days, when refreshing activities are the order of the day! Instead of spending your days in front of the fan or under the air-conditioning, what better way to cool off than by swimming or lying comfortably on an air mattress. You won’t have to go to public pools, which are often crowded in summer and don’t allow you to enjoy peace and privacy.
– We can also anticipate further confinements in the coming decades. Staying at home for long periods, okay, but not just any old way! With a pool at home, the days won’t seem so long.

3) Outdoor living space

Having a swimming pool means enjoying a privileged outdoor living space: coupled with a terrace, the pool is a great place to organize barbecues with family and friends.
It’s very pleasant to spend the evening by the pool and enjoy its coolness.
It’s also possible to swim together or play water games… The pool becomes a fun playground for adults and children alike. Shell pools with submerged cover boxes prevent young children from entering the water unsupervised, for added peace of mind.

4) No need to go on vacation!

By having a swimming pool built, you can create a pleasant space for leisure and relaxation that will delight not only your children, but the whole family. Your swimming pool will allow you to spend quality time and create wonderful memories without leaving your property. You won’t have to wait until the vacations for your little one to learn how to swim, for example!
Having a swimming pool at your disposal means being able to enjoy a real space of well-being at home. With a host of accessories and equipment, such as waterfalls and a spa, your pool becomes a place of relaxation that’s much appreciated by the whole family.
Once you’ve listed all these pleasant arguments, all that’s left to do is carry out a financial study of the possibilities open to you.
Use our configurator to find out how much your ABORAL shell pool can cost you: pool configurator.

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