Development tax, property tax or even taxe d’habitation… The construction and installation of a swimming pool in your garden can increase your tax bill. And the reason for this is simple: by adding a pond to your outdoor space, you considerably increase the rental value of your property. However, this rental value is the basis for calculating the council tax and property tax of your home. The result? The higher the value of your property, the higher your taxes are likely to be.

To help you make sense of it all, your Aboral pool specialist takes stock of the specific to swimming pools.


Taxes on swimming pools: which taxes apply?


Development tax

Introduced in 2012, the development tax applies only to non-removable pools with a surface area of over 10m2. Unlike other taxes, the development tax applies only once, when the authorization is issued by the authorities (building permit, prior declaration, etc.).

Do you know how this tax is calculated? The official text of the public service explains that “.
The tax is calculated by multiplying the surface area of the building (or development) by a flat-rate value, updated each year in line with the construction cost index (ICC).

In short, you’ll be able to find out the amount of your development tax once you have the following information:

  • The flat-rate value of your pool (estimated at 200 € / m2)
  • The rate set by the municipal council and the rate set by the department. To do so, go to the town hall where your pool.


Council tax

Even if you don’t live indoors, your shell pool is considered an outbuilding of the dwelling. As such, it is subject to the council tax.

The amount of this tax is assessed by the communes or local authorities. However, only the occupant of the dwelling (whether owner or tenant) on January 1 has a duty to pay this tax.


Property tax

Generally speaking, all in-ground pools are subject to property tax. While these often require masonry work, they also cannot be moved without being destroyed. As such, they are treated as a built structure.

And since it contributes to increase the rental value of your home, it also increases the amount of the property tax. However, it’s complicated to estimate the increase in your property tax following construction of a shell pool. A number of parameters vary from year to year and affect the amount of your tax. To avoid unpleasant surprises, contact your local property tax office to find out how much your taxes will be!

Please note, however, that if you declare the construction of your construction of your pond within 90 days of completion, you can benefit from a property tax exemption for new construction.


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