A top-of-the-range product in the pool market, in-ground pools is, for many French people, a veritable art of living. Considered as an element of real estate value enhancementThe in-ground pool has not always been so easy to install at home. Indeed, for a long time, breezeblock was the material of choice for pool construction. Particularly renowned for its customization capabilities, the concrete pool has since lost its title, dethroned by its counterpart, which is more modern and quicker to install: the shell pool.

With a wide choice of pool sizes, easy installation and maintenance, the shell pool represents the most popular alternative for French consumers.

Here’s a closer look at 5 reasons why you should choose to install a shell pool.


1. Shell pool: quick and easy to install


One of the main advantages of the shell pool comes from simplicity and speed of installation. In fact, unlike a concrete pool, you won’t need to install reinforcement or pillars. The only steps required to building your shell pool involves choosing the site, obtaining planning permission, taking the measurements and earthworks. Once you have completed this with advice from your pool manufacturer you can proceed with install your pool. Once the earthwork for your shell pool has been completed, you’ll need an average of two days to install it.

Bear in mind, however, that some very compact models (under 10m2) are perfectly suited to small gardens, even urban ones. In this case, you won’t be required to obtain planning permission. All you have to do is notify your town hall using a declaration of work in due form.


2. Numerous possibilities for customizing your shell pool


Rectangular, round, oval or made-to-measure… The material used to create the shell of your swimming pool is customizable to your heart’s content. You can even choose the bottom of your pond (flat or inclined), depending on your preferences. It’s up to you to let your imagination run wild as you design the shell pool of your dreams!


3. Shell pools: materials that stand the test of time


Made of polyester, the shell pool is renowned for its sturdiness. Thanks to the gel coat and resin coating, your pool will withstand the elements and any ground movement for years to come.

In addition to its sturdiness and waterproofing The shell pool is foolproof and requires no special renovation (unlike a liner or mosaic liner). A simple layer of gel coat every 10 years will be enough to give your pond a new shine.


4. Shell pool: an economical choice


From installation to long-term maintenance, the budget for a shell pool is significantly lower than that of a concrete pool. Although it depends on many factors – such as the size of the pool and the conditions in which it is to be installed – the shell pool will save you money on maintenance. The smooth surface is easier to clean than a traditional liner, requiring less effort and fewer maintenance products.


5. Hundreds of accessories for shell pools


Personalizing your shell pool doesn’t stop at choosing dimensions and colors. Indeed, on the online store Aboral Shop you will find a wide range of comfort accessories Whether you’re looking for a solar shower, a deck or garden furniture, you’ll find everything you need to create the pool that’s just right for you!

You want to build a shell pool for the upcoming summer season? Get a head start and check out our 30 models and 700 different customizations on the Aboral configurator. Once the configuration is complete, you will receive in less than 48 hours your online quote for for your custom-built shell pool.

For even more advice, don’t hesitate to consult our team of experts to create your own personalized pool. They’ll be happy to advise you!


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